Heather Altfeld

Poetry Workshop participant '08, '10, '12, '15

She has recently been awarded the 2019 Orison Poetry Prize for her manuscript Post-Mortem. She will receive a cash prize and publication of her manuscript by Orison Books.

Mary Freericks

Poetry Workshop participant '89, '91, '00

Her second poetry book, Cheer for Freedom, with illustrations of her paintings of her Armenian and Russian family in Iran has been published this year.


Peter Marcus

Poetry Workshop participant '89, '90, '91, '92, '95, '11

His new book of poetry, Dark Square, was recently published by Pleasure Boat Studio: A Literary Press.

Jeanine Stevens

Poetry Participant '07, '10, '14, '17

Her newest book of poems, Limberlost, was released by Future Cycle Press, 2019. Her chapbook of poems, Citadels, is soon to be released by Folded Word Press.

Lauren K. Alleyne

Poetry Workshop Participant '08

She published her second collection of poems, Honeyfish, in April with New Issues Press (US), and in July, with Peepal Tree Press (UK).


Shira Dentz

Her new book of poetry, the sun a blazing zero, is one of SPD’s May Handpicks.

Janet Fitch

Poetry Workshop participant '17; Writers Workshop Teaching Staff '01, '02, '04, '06, '08, '09, '13, '15, '17

She recently celebrated the 2oth anniversary of the publication of White Oleander. It was released in May, 1999 from Back Bay Books.

C. Pirloul

Poetry Workshop participant '17

Two poems first drafted at the Poetry Workshop are included in a group of poems in the 2019 issue of Volt (#25).

Allison DeLauer

Poetry Participant, '10, '16

Her essay “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” appeared in the collection, Playing Shakespeare’s Characters, Book 1. Playing Shakespeare’s Lovers examines Shakespeare’s romantic characters from multiple perspectives. Contributing actors, directors, educators and scholars bring diverse and wide-ranging insights into the motives, context, history and challenges of performing Shakespeare’s “infinite variety” of lovers. The volume begins with an introductory essay, followed by brief essays and interviews, on various characters within the world of Shakespeare’s lovers.

Fisk, Molly

Molly Fisk

Poetry Workshop participant '92, '95, '98, '04

She is the recipient of one of 13 Inaugural American Poet Laureate Fellowships. With the $75,000 she receives, she plans to launch “California Fire & Water,” a statewide teaching, anthology, and public reading project addressing the state’s recent devastating fires.

Katherine Factor

Poetry Participant '10

Her first children’s book, Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Mata Hari, is forthcoming from Choose CO on May 1, 2019. An interactive game novel, this title stars YOU as a real-life historical spy in an interactive, multiple-ending book with historically accurate events and characters.


Renato Rosaldo

Poetry Workshop participant '00, '02, '07

His newest book of poetry, The Chasers, will be published by Duke University Press.

Keetje Kuipers

Poetry Participant, '05

Her third collection of poems, All Its Charms, was published this spring by BOA Editions. It contains poems that appeared in the Pushcart Prize and Best American Poetry Anthologies, as well as Narrative, Tin House, The Believer, New England Review, and Orion.


Jeffrey Thomas Leong

Poetry Participant, '97, '00, '02

His book, Wild Geese Sorrow: The Chinese Wall Inscriptions at Angel Island, was published by Calypso Editions in 2018, and is the first new translation in almost 40 years of the iconic immigrant wall poems found carved on the walls of this detention center. His new poetry chapbook, Writ, published by Eastwind Books in March 2019, converses with the translations in WGS, interrogating the interrogators and seeking redemption in his father’s story.


Holaday Mason

Poetry Workshop participant '00, '06

Her newest book of poetry, The Weaver’s Body, is forthcoming from Tebat Bach Books.

Stephen Massimilla

Poetry Workshop participant '04, '06

His adaptation of a Montale poem recently received a Der-Hovanessian prize citation from The New England Poetry Club.

Stephen Massimilla

Poetry Participant '04, '06

His multi-genre Cooking with the Muse (Tupelo), recently won new awards, including the Living Now Award, the IAN Book of the Year Award in Nonfiction, the Apple Award in Cross-Genre, and others. The latest reviews of the book have appeared in The Los Angeles Review, Poetry International, Colorado Review, Five Points, The US Review of Books, USA Today, The Northwest Indiana Times, The Food Poet, Gluten-Free Magazine, Catering Magazine, Green Living, Vital Nutrition, and elsewhere.


Grace Shuyi Liew

Poetry participant '16

Her debut collection of poetry, Careen, was published by Noemi Press in April 2019.

Attended with the help of Lucille Clifton Memorial scholarship

Mark Fitzgerald

Poetry Participant, '06

His second book of poems, Downburst, was published by Cinnamon Press in March. The second edition of his first collection, By Way of Dust and Rain, was also recently published by Cinnamon Press.


C Pirloul

Poetry Participant, '01, '04, '17

Excerpts of her map-poem appear in Lana Turner 11. Poems and recordings are forthcoming in The Santa Fe Telepoem Project.

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

Poetry Workshop participant '11

His book of poetry, Cenzontle, was awarded the Northern California Book Award and the NCIBA Golden Poppy Book Award, and was recently named a finalist for the Thom Gunn award for poetry and the Lambda Literary Award.

Kenji Liu

Poetry Workshop participant '14

His newest book of poetry, Monsters I Have Been, will be released from Alice James Books in April, 2019.

Kelly Cass Falzone

Poetry Participant, '03

She was awarded the 2018 Bea Gonzalez Prize for Poetry for a group of three poems published in Stone Canoe: A Journal of Art, Literature and Social Commentary, published by the Downtown Writers Center, a program of the YMCA of Greater Syracuse, NY.


Grant Hier

Writers Workshops Participant, ’93; AOW ’95; Poetry Participant '98

His book of historical flash fiction, California Continuum, co-written with John Brantingham, Poet Laureate of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, is forthcoming in March, 2019.


Emily Pérez

Poetry Participant '10, '18

Her new chapbook Made and Unmade, a limited edition, hand bound, letterpress, tragi-comic exploration of growing up female in a patriarchy, is now available from Madhouse Press.


Rowan Sharp

Poetry participant, ‘12

She has new work in the Beloit Poetry Journal 69.1 (Spring 2019).


Judy Crowe

Poetry Workshop participant '08, '12, '15, '18, Writers Workshop participant '87, '88, '90

Her new book of poetry, Flat Water: Nebraska Poems, was recently released from Finishing Line Press.

Claudia March Reder

Poetry Participant '08

Her book of poems, How to Disappear, was recently published by Blue Light Press.


Jeffrey Kingman

Poetry Participant, '12

His poetry manuscript, Beyond that Hill I Gather, won the Eyelands Book Award (Greece) for best unpublished poetry book. The poems in the collection are mostly portraits of notable women.


Chelsea Rathburn

Poetry Participant, '09

Her third poetry collection, Still Life with Mother and Knife, was published by LSU Press in February.


Noah Blaustein

Poetry Workshop participant '07, '11

His book of poetry, After Party, will be published on February 15th by the University of New Mexico Press.

His poems have appeared in the last year in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Harvard Review, The Southern Review, Poetry Northwest, Greensboro Review, and The Southampton Review. His review of Christopher Merrill’s Self Portrait in Dogwood was featured in the Los Angeles Review of Books. He was one of one hundred poets selected by the Harvard Review to contribute lines to Renga for Obama, a book length Renga for and presented to President Barack Obama. Most recently he was an AIR fellow with the National Park Service, teaching poetry to homeless youth in the Santa Monica Mountains.


Matthew Murrey

Poetry Participant, '95

His debut poetry collection, Bulletproof, was published by Jacar Press in February 2019. It was selected in 2018 by Marilyn Nelson who described it as “A generous range of thought-worthy subjects, approached with simplicity, wisdom, and a deft use of language.”


Ann Tweedy

'97, '00, '04, '07, '12, '15

A poem first written at the Community of Writers Poetry session entitled “The Aspen” was awarded second place in San Antonio Writers’ Guild’s annual contest in 2018. The poems “Anatomy of a Name” and “An Instant” and the creative non-fiction pieces “Rental Property” and “Storm” are forthcoming in the anthology Queer Voices: Poetry, Prose, and Pride, to be published by Minnesota Historical Society Press in May 2019.


Devi S. Laskar

Poetry Workshop participant '04, '08, '14, Writers Workshop participant '04, '15

Her new novel, The Atlas of Reds and Blue, was published by Counterpoint Press in February, 2019.


Danusha Lameris

Poetry Participant, '00

Her poems are currently out, or forthcoming in: The New Ohio Review, The Gettysburg Review, TriQuarterly, Ploughshares, and The American Poetry Review. As of September 2018, she has served as the Poet Laureate of Santa Cruz County, California.


Jami Macarty

Poetry Participant, '10, '14, '17

Instinctive Acts, her third chapbook came into the world via Nomados Literary Publishers in October 2018. Her first chapbook, Landscape of the Wait, was reviewed by Michelle Mitchell-Foust in Drizzle Review. And, sixteen additional poems appeared in the Canadian, American, and Australian journals: EVENT, Contemporary Verse 2, The Paddock Review, Light: A Journal of Photography & Poetry, Otoliths, and descant.


Ann Fisher-Wirth

Poetry Participant, '92, '00, '09, '13

Her sixth book of poems, The Bones of Winter Birds, was chosen from several hundred submissions and will be published by Terrapin Books in February 2019. Ann’s fifth book, Mississippi, is a poetry/photography collaboration with Maude Schuyler Clay (Wings Press 2018). From May 11-18, 2019, Ann will lead the poetry workshop at Longleaf Writers Conference, in Seaside, Florida.


Charles Halsted

Poetry Participant, '18.

His first chapbook collection of poems, Breaking Eighty, has now been published by Finishing Line Press. A full poetry book Extenuating Circumstances will be published in 2019.

Judy Bebelaar

Poetry Participant, '08, '10

She has been named, along with her co-author Ron Cabral, 2019 Library Laureates by the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library for their book, And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown, about the students they came to know when Jim Jones sent all the Temple teenagers to the small school where they taught. Bebelaar and Cabral will join other laureates, including Dave Eggers, Samin Nasrat and Wendy McNaughton, Amy Freed, and Tongo Eisen-Martin at the benefit gala on March 8, 2o19.


Marci Vogel

Writers Workshop participant '05, Poetry Workshop participant '17

Her new novel, Death and Other Holidays, was recently published by Melville House.

Molly Fisk

Poetry participant, '92, '95, '97, '01

Her fourth book of radio commentary, Naming Your Teeth: Even More Observations from a Working Poet, came out in November, 2018, containing 50 three-minute essays that originally aired on KVMR-FM Nevada City, CA.


Michelle Brittan Rosado

Poetry Participant, '16

Her debut poetry collection, Why Can’t It Be Tenderness, won the Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry selected by Aimee Nezhukumatathil. It was published in November 2018 by University of Wisconsin Press.


Paul Watsky

Poetry Participant '07, '09, '11, '13, '17.

His poem “What Mattered About The Wind,” begun and set in the Valley, appears in the current issue of The Moth (#35, December 2018).


Charles Halsted

Poetry Participant, 18

His first full length poetry book Extenuating Circumstances has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press. It will contain three of the poems written at the Poetry Workshop.

Lynne Thompson

Poetry Participant, `97, `02

She won the 2018 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize, selected by Jane Hirshfield, for her manuscript Fretwork, which will be published in 2019. Thompson’s essay “The Family Stories of Jane Cooper” will be published the anthology Jane Cooper: A Radiance of Attention, forthcoming in 2019.


Maxima Kahn

Poetry Participant, '07, Writers Workshops Participant, '06, '10

Her poems have appeared this year or are forthcoming in Sweet, The Louisville Review and Orbis Journal, and she was nominated for Best of the Net. Her essays appeared in Just How Cool Is That, The Creative Penn, Tiny Buddha and Positively Positive.

Attended with the help of Mary Turnbull Scholarship 2010

Sally Van Doren

Poetry Workshop participant '01, '03, '06

Her poem “Housewife as Poet” from her 2017 book, Promise, was featured on Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry column sponsored by the Poetry Foundation on November 12, 2018.



Liz González

Poetry Participant, '00

Her mixed genre book, Dancing in the Santa Ana Winds: Poems y Cuentos New and Selected, was published by Los Nietos Press in July 2018. Her poem “Fall in the Chaparral” appeared in the anthology Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California, 2018 released by Scarlet Tanager Books in October 2018. Her poem “Menudo vs. Hotdogs” appeared in the August 2018 issue of Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Literature and Arts Magazine.


Evie Shockley

Poetry Workshop participant '99, Poetry Workshop teaching staff '9, '10, '13, '15, '18

Her book semiautomatic won the Legacy Award for Poetry from the Hurston/ Wright Foundation.

Beverley Bie Brahic

Poetry Workshop participant '08

Her fourth collection of poetry, The Hotel Eden, was published in September, 2018, by Carcanet Press (UK).


Debra Kang Dean

Poetry Participant, '93, '96

Her third collection of poetry, Totem: America, was published by Tiger Bark Press in October 2018.

Michelle Bitting

Poetry Participant '05, '06

She won the 2018 Mark Fischer Poetry Prize, and her fourth collection, Broken Kingdom, recently won the 2018 Catamaran Prize.


Angel Garcia

Poetry Workshop Participant '12

His new book of poetry, Teeth Never Sleep, was published in November, 2018, by University of Arkansas Press.

Attended with the help of the UC Riverside Scholarship.

Ruben Quesada

Poetry Workshop Participant '07

His new book of poetry, Revelations, will be published in November, 2018, by Sibling Rivalry Press.

Attended with the help of he UC Riverside Scholarship.

Kenji Liu

Poetry Workshop Participant '14

His new collection of poetry, Monsters I Have Been, is forthcoming from Alice James Books in April 2019.

Attended with the help of the Oakley Hall Memorial Scholarship.

Vickie Vértiz

Poetry Participant, '14

Her book, Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut, won the 2018 PEN America prize for poetry. The prize is for an outstanding book of poetry published in 2017 west of the Mississippi River. Read more in the LA Times feature here.

Attended with the help of the Ancinas Scholarship (Writers Workshops) and Lucille Clifton Scholarship (Poetry Workshop).

Lynne Goldsmith

Poetry Workshop Participant '00

Her newest book of poems, Secondary Cicatrices, won the Halcyon Poetry Book Contest. It will be published in early 2019 by Middle Creek Publishing.


Jon Riccio

Poetry Participant, '15

His recent work appears in A-Minor Magazine, The Cincinnati Review, COAST | noCOAST, The Ekphrastic Review, and E·ratio. He was a 2018 Lambda Poetry Fellow.

Michelle Bitting

Poetry Participant '05

Her fourth collection, Broken Kingdom, was recently published. It received the 2018 Catamaran Poetry Prize.


Adela Najarro

Poetry Participant, '16

She placed as a semi-finalist for The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, and her poem “Chantico Swings” will appear in the Nimrod International Journal upcoming award issue, October 2018. Adela entered the contest with the volcano poems she started at the Community of Writers.


Scott Edward Anderson

Art of the Wild Participant, '92

His new book, Dwelling: an ecopoem, which received an honorable mention for The Hopper Poetry Prize last year, has just been published by Shanti Arts of Brunswick, Maine. A sequence of poems and prose questions about the nature of our dwelling, place, home and our relationship with the other species with which we share this planet, Dwelling: an ecopoem has been called “a phenomenology of how we live on the Earth,” by Alison Hawthorne Deming.


Jeffrey Kingman

Poetry Participant, '12

He was a finalist in Inlandia Institute’s 2018 Hillary Gravendyk Prize poetry book competition.


Emily Jungmin Yoon

Poetry Workshop, 2015

Her first full-length collection of poetry, A Cruelty Special to Our Species, will be published by Ecco Books in September, 2018.

Attended with the help of the W C & F Scholarship.

Grant Hier

Writers Workshop Participant ’93, Art of the Wild ’95, Poetry Participant ’98

His new poetry collection, The Difference Between, was published by Pelekinesis in April 2018. A book of Flash Fiction, co-written with the Poet Laureate of Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks, John Brantingham, is forthcoming in February, 2019.


Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor

Poetry Participant, '00, '03

Her new co-edited book, Arts-based Research in Education: Foundations for Practice, was recently published by Routledge  in 2018.


Joanna Solfrian

Poetry Participant, '06

Her second collection, The Mud Room, will be published by MadHat Press in 2019.

Attended with the help of a scholarship and and a work-waiver.

Ama Codjoe

Poetry Participant, '15

Her poem “Etymology of a Mood” was selected by Natasha Trethewey for the Georgia Review‘s Loraine Williams Poetry Prize.

Attended with the help of Lucille Clifton Scholarship

Randy White

Poetry Participant, '16

His company, Blue Oak Press, is publishing Lisa Dominguez Abraham’s first book of poems Coyote Logic in Fall 2018. Randy is also publishing Karst Mountains Will Bloom: The Collected Poems of Pos Moua during Winter 2018. Moua is considered by many to be the father of Hmong poetry. Blue Oak Press has also begun compiling poems for the anthology They Will Rise Like A Wave: An Anthology of Asian American Women Poets which will be released in Spring 2020.


David Stallings

Poetry Participant, '11

He recently published his second book of poetry, Risking Delight (Aldrich Press, Kelsay Books, 2018).

giovanni singleton

Her new book of poetry, American Letters: Works on Paper, was recently published by Canarium Books.

Penelope Moffet

Poetry Workshop Participant '87, '17

Her new book of poems, It Isn’t That They Mean to Kill You, is now available from Arroyo Seco Press.

Norma Liliana Valdez

Poetry Participant '16

Her chapbook manuscript, Preparing the Body, is forthcoming by YesYes Books. Her essay, “Inheritance”, was recently published in The Rumpus as part of the “Mothering Outside the Margins” series.


Amber Flora Thomas

Poetry Participant '92, '99, '01, '03, '05, '13

Her book Red Channel in the Rupture: Poems will be published in August, 2018, by Red Hen Press.

Forrest Gander

Poetry Workshop Teaching Staff

His new collection, Be With, will be published by New Directions in August 2018.


Samantha Thornhill

Poetry Workshop, 2009

Her third children’s book, A Card for My Father, was published in May, 2018, by Penny Candy Books.

Attended with the help of Cave Canem Scholarship

Blas Falconer

Poetry Workshop Participant '12, '16

His new book of poetry, Forgive the Body This Failure, will be released late this summer by Four Way Books.

Chris Wilson Simpkins

Poetry Participant '11, '14

Chris Wilson Simpkins won a Summer Literary Seminars fellowship through their 2018 poetry contest, and plans to attend the Kenyan seminar in December.


Shira Dentz

Poetry Workshop Participant '05

Her third full-length book of poems, how do i net thee, was published in April, 2018, from Salmon Poetry. It’s available for purchase now at Salmon Poetry, Amazon, and selected bookstores.


Evie Shockley

Her new collection of poetry, semiautomatic, was a finalist for the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Evie will be back on staff this summer at the 2018 Community of Writers Poetry Workshop.


Patricia Spears Jones

Poetry Teaching Staff, 2016

She received the 2017 Jackson Poetry Prize from Poets & Writers and a 5-week Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, Fl. Poems: “After Hell” The Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks, “Good Bourbon Helps” and “The Room Behind the Room” Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts: Truth to Power, Writers Respond to the Rhetoric of Hate and Fear; “Morning Song” w/art work by Yuko Otomo, WORD: An Anthology A Gathering of the Tribes. Poems in journals including translated poems in http://www.recoursaupoeme.fr/ Numéro spécial – juillet-août : n. 176 “L’Esprit de New York et ses poètes”; Green Mountain Review; Paterson Literary Review, and Brooklyn Rail.


Melissa Stein

Poetry Participant, '99

Her second poetry collection, Terrible Blooms, was published in April 2018 by Copper Canyon Press.


Tessa Fontaine

Poetry Participant '00, '07

Her memoir, The Electric Woman: A Memoir in Death-Defying Acts, is forthcoming from Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, on May 1, 2018. Publisher’s Weekly, in a starred review, says: “Fascinating . . . This remarkable, beautifully written memoir explores the depth of mother-daughter love and the courageous acts of overcoming fear and accepting change.” Book Page, the monthly book review publication distributed to over 400,000 readers through bookstores and libraries, just listed her as one of “Eleven Women to Watch in 2018.”


Jeff Walt

Poetry Participant, '17

He recently completed a one month writing residency at the Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts in Fairhope, AL. He also has poems recently published in Red Wheelbarrow and Southword.


Kevin Conder

Screenwritng Workshop participant '10; Poetry Workshop Participant '05

He was selected by the Erbacce Contest as the Featured Poet for May 2018. His poetry collection Beautiful Enough to Burn was recently published by Erbacce Press UK, 2018.


Emily Jungmin Yoon

Poetry Participant, '15

Her full-length collection, A Cruelty Special to Our Species, is available for pre-order from the Harper Collins website and Amazon.  The official release is September 18, 2018.

Attended with the help of WC&C Scholarship

Tessa Fontaine

Poetry Participant, '99, '08

Her first book, The Electric Woman, is forthcoming from Farrar, Straus & Giroux in May, 2018. The Electric Woman follows the author on a life-affirming journey of loss and self-discovery– through her time on the road with the last traveling American sideshow and her relationship with an adventurous, spirited mother.


Susie Hammond

Poetry Participant '17

She was among 17 participants from eight countries to convene as guests of the Faber Residency in Olot, Catalonia, Spain during October and November, 2017 for an interdisciplinary residency focused on Feminisms.

On June 14, 2018, she will be one of the evening’s featured readers at the Ballard Branch of the Seattle Public Library. Among the poems she will share will be several written at The Community of Writers. The reading is sponsored by Seattle’s longest running poetry series, It’s About Time, whose fundamental mission is social justice and inclusion.


Consuelo Marshall

Poetry Participant '12

Her poem, “Myself As A Playboy Bunny” won the Verve International Poetry Festival Competition, in Birmingham, UK, and was judged by Luke Kennard. It appears in It All Radiates Outwards, the Verve Anthology of City Poems, Verve Poetry Press.



Nancy Huxtable Mohr

Poetry Participant '04, '06

Her book of poetry, The Well: Poems From Twin Pines Farm, is now available.


Kenji Liu

Poetry Workshop Participant '14

His new collection of poetry, Monsters I Have Been, will be published by Alice James Books in April, 2019.


Valerie Wallace

Poetry Participant '10

Her debut novel, House of McQueen, was published by Four Way Books in March, 2018.


Kazim Ali

Poetry Participant '98; Poetry Teaching Staff '10, '12, '16, '18

He is featured in the March/ April issue of The American Poetry Review. Kazim will be joining us again this summer on staff at the Poetry Workshop.


Scot Siegel

Poetry Participant, ‘07

His chapbook, Daughters, Here | Daughters, Gone, will be published by Uttered Chaos Press in March 2018. The publisher writes, “Daughters, Here | Daughters, Gone is not about loss but self-determination. It is a father’s prayer for his daughters, and daughters everywhere, as they remake the world in their vision.”


Blas Falconer

Poetry Participant '12, '16

His upcoming book, Forgive the Body this Failure, will be published in September, 2018. His poem “Apology For My Son Who Stops to Ask About His Mother Once More,” was recently published in the Harvard Review Online. You can read that here.

Ashley Roach-Freiman

Poetry Workshop Participant, '14

Her first chapbook, Bright Along the Body, was released by Dancing Girl Press in December 2017. Ashley reckons with and troubles the idea of identity in marriage and the overwhelming project of desire.


David Dixon

Poetry Participant '17

His poem “Noel Reeks of Bleach,” was recently published in the winter 2018 issue of Blue Streak, a poetry journal from Military Experience & the Arts. He wrote this poem during his time in Squaw Valley for his session with staff poet Forrest Gander.

Attended with the help of Veteran's scholarship

Maw Shein Win

Poetry Participant '94

Her full-length poetry collection, Invisible Gifts, will be published by Manic D Press in April, 2018. She is currently featured on Poetry International Web. Read the full article is here.

Analicia Sotelo

Poetry Participant, '16

Her first full-length of collection of poetry, Virgin, the inaugural winner of the Jake Adam York Prize, selected by Ross Gay, was recently published by Milkweed Editions in February 2018.

Attended with the help of The Rebecca Osheroff Honorary Memorial Scholarship

Kazim Ali

Poetry Participant '98 / Poetry Teaching Staff

His new collection of poems, Inquisition, will be published by Wesleyan University Press, March 6, 2018.


Devi S. Laskar

Poetry Participant, '04, '08, '14, Writers Workshop Participant '04, '15

Her novel The Atlas of Reds and Blue will be published by Counterpoint Press in February, 2019.


Kenji C. Liu

Poetry Participant, '14

His second full-length poetry collection, Monsters I Have Been, which frankensteins news articles, legal documents, and other texts to explore a range of masculinities, will be published by Alice Jones Books in Spring 2019. Selections from the new book have recently been published in two literary journals: Apogee and Anomaly.

Attended with the help of Oakley Hall Memorial Scholarship

Javier Zamora

Poetry Participant '10

Letras Latinas, the literary initiative at the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies (ILS), in partnership with Duende District Bookstore, is pleased to welcome award-winning poet, Javier Zamora, who will be in Washington, D.C. from February 26 through March 1. While in Washington, Zamora will give a public reading, take part in a colloquium with university students, spend time with students at a bilingual elementary school, and dialogue with students in a college-level writing workshop.


Brenda Hillman

Poetry Teaching Staff, Poetry Guest Director

Brenda Hillman’s new collection, Extra Hidden Life, among the Days  was published by Wesleyan Poetry (Wesleyan University Press) in February 2019.


Ann Fisher-Wirth

Poetry Participant, '92, '00, '09, '13

Ann Fisher-Wirth’s fifth book of poems, Mississippi, has just been released by Wings Press; it is a poetry/photography collaboration with the acclaimed Delta photographer Maude Schuyler Clay. She will be traveling throughout Mississippi to promote the book during the spring of 2018. In May she will be a Research Fellow at Bielefeld University, Germany, giving readings and teaching ecopoetry for their Project Entangled Americas; and will be giving readings for the Environmental Humanities Laboratory at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. She has recently completed Because Here We Are (poems); one chapbook-length section is forthcoming in At Length.


Robert Lipton

Poetry Participant 2003, 1995

Robert Lipton won the the 2018 Gregory O’Donoghue Poetry Competition at the Munster Literature Center in Cork, Ireland. Author of A Complex Bravery published by Marick Press, the prize is for his poem “Official Story.” He will participate in the Cork International Poetry Festival, Feb. 2018,  and will have his work published in the Munster Literary journal Southword.


Marilyn Kallet

Her new book of poems, How Our Bodies Learned, was published by Black Widow Press in January, 2018.

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

Poetry Workshop

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo’s collection, Dulce, will be published by Northwestern University Press in April, 2018.


Emily Jungmin Yoon

Poetry Participant, '15

Emily Jungmin Yoon’s first full-length collection of poetry, A Cruelty Special to Our Species, will be published by Ecco Books this September.

Attended with the help of WC&C Scholarship.

Sawnie Morris

Poetry Participant '90, '92, '07, '10, '13

She was recently named the inaugural poet laureate of Taos, New Mexico.


Lara Gularte

Poetry Participant '05, Writers Workshop Participant '04, '06

Her new book of poetry, Kissing the Bee, was published by The Bitter Oleander Press in January, 2018.

Amber Flora Thomas

Poetry Participant, '92, '99, '01, '03, '05, '13

Her book Red Channel in the Rupture: Poems is forthcoming from Red Hen Press, August 2018.

Mary Freericks

Poetry Workshop participant '89, '91, 09

Her collection of poems, Blue Watermelon, which represents vivid memories from her childhood in Iran, was published in January and is now available on Amazon.

Devi S. Laskar

Poetry Participant '04, '08, '14, Writers Workshop Participant '04, '15

Her second chapbook Anastasia Maps was published by Finishing Line Press in December 2017. Her first chapbook, Gas & Food, No Lodging was also published by Finishing Line last March.


Gene Berson

poetry participant, '17

His book, raveling travel, was published by Open Book Press. The book contains several poems recently published in Sisyphuslitmag.org, the winter issue of Canarylitmag.org, and Red Fez.

Attended with the help of the Alexander Cushing Memorial Scholarship for Locals.

Marilyn Kallet

Poetry participant, 1995, 1996, 2005

Her new book of poems, How Our Bodies Learned, will be out from Black Widow Press in early January, 2018.


Judy Bebelaar

Poetry Participant '08, '10

Her non-fiction book, And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown, co-written with fellow teacher Ron Cabral about the students they knew who were sent to San Francisco’s Opportunity High by Jim Jones in 1976, will be published by Sugartown Publishing in December, 2017.


Erin Adair Hodges

Poetry Participant '14

Erin Adair-Hodges’ first book, Let’s All Die Happy, is the winner of the 2016 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize and was published as part of the Pitt Poetry Series in October 2017.


Jeanne Foster

Poetry Participant, '88, Writers Workshop Participant '89, '92

The Living Theatre: Selected Poems by Bianca Tarozzi, translated from the Italian by Jeanne Foster and Alan Williamson, was released by BOA Editions, Ltd., October 2017, in The Lannan Translations Selection Series.


Janet Fitch

Writers Workshops Teaching Staff & Participant, ’89/ Poetry Participant '17

Janet Fitch’s novel, The Revolution of Marina M., set during the turbulent years of the Russian Revolution was published in November, 2017 by Little Brown and Co.


Evie Shockley

Poetry Teaching Staff & Participant, '99

Evie Shockley’s new collection, semiautomatic, was published by Wesleyan University Press in September and was featured on Publisher’s Weekly’s best 10 list for Poetry this Fall. “Insisting on the power of art, Shockley traces the various forms of violence that cross racial, ethnic, gender, class, sexual, national, and linguistic boundaries.”  www.publishersweekly.com

Lucinda Watson

Poetry Participant '91, '92, '96, '98, '02, '04

Her essays “In Rome with My Dad on Business” and “Letter Yet Unsent” were nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2017.  They will appear in Issue 30 of Umbrella Factory magazine, coming out December 15, 2017.


Christopher Sindt

Poetry Participant, '13

Christopher Sindt’s new book, System and Population, is published in Parlor Press’s Free Verse Editions series (2017).  System and Population is a lyric account of the proposed damming of the American River in Northern California. It explores the intersections of personal and cultural experience, scientific study, and the politics of dams and rivers; meditates on human experiences, such as parenthood and loss; and studies the effects of environmental damage and disaster.  www.parlorpress.com

Jami Macarty

Poetry Participant, '10, '14, '17

Mind of Spring, the winner of the 2017 Vallum Chapbook Award and Jami Macarty’s second chapbook of poetry, was released into Poetry Land October 16,  2017. www.vallummag.com

Laura Swearingen-Steadwell

Poetry Participant '15

Her new poetry collection, All Blue So Late, winner of the 2016 Cave Canem Northwestern University Press Poetry Prize, was released in December, 2017, from Northwestern University Press.

Marjorie Saiser

Poetry Participant '00

Her most recent book, I Have Nothing to Say About Fire (The Backwaters Press, 2016) won the Nebraska Book Award for poetry. For a video of a reading from the book launch, go to poetmarge.com.


Jonathan (J.G.) McClure

Poetry Participant '14

His first poetry collection, The Fire Lit & Nearing, is coming soon from Indolent Books. It includes poems he workshopped at the Community of Writers. The book will be generally available at bookstores and online in April 2018.

Attended with the help of The UC Irvine MFA scholarship

Ama Codjoe

Poetry Participant '15

She recently received the 2017 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer’s Award, which is given annually to six women writers who demonstrate excellence and promise in the early stages of their careers.


John Harvey

Poetry Participant '95, Writers Workshop Staff '97

His new book, Going Down Slow and Other Stories, will be released by Five Leaves Publications in November, 2017.


Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo’s new collection of poetry, Cenzontle, will be published by BOA Editions, Ltd., in April of 2018.

Poetry Workshop, '11

Sally Van Doren

Poetry Participant "01, "03, "06

Garrison Keillor featured a poem, “Defiance,” from her upcoming book Promise on his show The Writer’s AlmanacPromise was published by LSU Press this fall.

KB Ballentine

Poetry Participant ‘15

Her fifth collection of poetry,  Almost Everything, Almost Nothing, was released in September by Middle Creek Publishing. Several of the poems in this collection were crafted in the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley Poetry Program, including the title poem. www.kbballentine.com.

Attended with the help of The Galway Kinnell Memorial Scholarship

Melissa Fondakowski

Poetry Participant, 02

Her first novel, Out, was published on August 29, 2017. Out is a coming-of-age, coming out novel that mirrors the plot of Dante’s Purgatorio. Melissa’s novel, as well as her podcast, can be found at sermonarian.com.


Dan Bellm

Poetry Participant, '90, '92, '95, '97, '03

His translation of Mexican poet Pura López Colomé, Speaking in Song, came out from Shearsman Books (UK) in September 2017. His fourth book of poems, Deep Well, was published by Lavender Ink (New Orleans) in April 2017. His translation of The Song of the Dead by Pierre Reverdy was published by Black Square Editions (New York) in September 2016.


Vickie Vértiz

Writers Workshop and Poetry Participant, '15

She recently published Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut, her second collection of poetry with the University of Arizona Press, Camino del Sol Series. In 2016, she was selected by Natalie Diaz as the Poetry Center resident at the University of Arizona, Tucson. She continues to write essays on Los Angeles arts and community development for KCET. www.vickievertiz.wordpress.com

http://vertiz.wordpress.com, http://www.uapress.arizona.edu/Books/bid2739.htm,
Attended with the help of The Lucille Clifton Scholarship, Ancinas Scholarship

Emily Jungmin Yoon

Poetry Participant 2015

She was recently awarded the Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Rosenberg Sargent Fellowship from the Poetry Foundation. Her chapbook, Ordinary Misfortunes, winner of the Sunken Garden Chapbook Poetry Prize, was published by Tupelo Press this July, and her first full-length poetry collection, A Cruelty Special to Our Species, will be published by Ecco Books in September 2018.

Attended with the help of WC&C Scholarship

Judy Bebelaar

Poetry Workshop '08, '10

Her non-fiction book, And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown, co-written with fellow teacher Ron Cabral about the students they knew who were sent to San Francisco’s Opportunity High by Jim Jones in 1976, will be published by Sugartown Publishing in the fall of 2017.


Alice Anderson

Poetry Workshop Participant '92, '93, '08

Her new memoir, Some Bright Morning, I’ll Fly Away, was published by St. Martin’s Press in August, 2017.

Lucy Biederman

Poetry Participant, '11

Her book The Walmart Book of the Dead won the 2017 Vine Leaves Press Vignette Collection Award and will be published later this year.


Sally Van Doren

Poetry Participant, '01, '03, '06

Her third collection of poems, Promise, was released in August, 2017 by LSU Press. The cover of Promise features one of Van Doren’s asemic drawings, which appear regularly on her Instagram @sallyvandoren where she posts daily excerpts from her ongoing poem, The Sense Series.

Jeffrey Kingman

Poetry Participant, '12

His poem “Clarice Lispector” was published in Ursa Minor, Volume 2: Dark Matter, a publication of U.C. Berkeley Extension.


Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

Poetry Workshop, '11

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo recently sold his memoir, Children Of The Land, at auction to Harper Collins Publishers via Mary Evans Agency Inc. and he also won the annual A. Poulin Jr., first book prize from BOA Editions for his poetry manuscript Cenzontle, judged by Brenda Shaughnessy. Furthermore, his first poetry chapbook, Dulce, was chosen by Chris Abani as the winner of the Drinking Gourd prize and will be forthcoming from Northwestern University Press.

Attended with the help of The Lucille Clifton Scholarship

Scot Siegel

Poetry Participant, '07

Scot Siegel has poems in Coachella Valley Review, Crab Creek Review, Cordite Poetry Review, and Haibun Today. A review of Siegel’s recent collection, The Constellation of Extinct Stars and Other Poems, appears in the 2017 issue of Hiram Poetry Review.


Jeff Walt

Poetry Participant, '17

Jeff Walt had a single poem selected as 2nd Place in The Frank O’Hara Prize competition sponsored by the Worcester County Poetry Association with publication in The Worcester Review, 2017. Also, He was hired on as a Regional Editor with the San Diego Poetry Annual earlier this year. Jeff will be in residence this fall at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, NE. Then, in February of 2018, he will be in residence for the entire month at Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts in Fairhope, AL.


Jami Macarty

Poetry Participant, '10, '14, '17

Her first chapbook of poetry, Landscape of The Wait, was released from Finishing Line Press on June 23, 2017.


Ann Tweedy

Poetry Participant '97, '00, '04, '07, '12, '15

She won a Bisexual Book Award in Poetry in June for her book The Body’s Alphabet. Several of the poems in the book were written over the years at Squaw Valley.


Chuck Joy

Medical Writing '03

He has a new collection of poetry from Cleveland’s Red Giant Books. Theme of Line consists of poems selected to elucidate the use of line.


Kathleen O’Toole

Poetry Participant 2001,2003,2005, 2009, 2011

Her poem “At the Mariner’s Church Auvillar” won 3rd place in the Image/NY Encounter Poetry contest, 2017. She collaborated on a new collection, “In the Margins: A Conversation in Poetry” with 3 other Maryland poets with whom she’s been writing for twenty-five years, which was released in March 2017 by Cherry Grove Collections.


Conor Bracken

Poetry Participant '13

His chapbook Henry Kissinger, Mon Amour was selected by Diane Seuss as the winner of the 2017 Frost Place Chapbook Competition, and will be published by Bull City Press in September 2017.

Attended with the help of Tuition waiver

Ann Tweedy

Poetry Participant '97, '00, '04, '07, '12, '15

Her first full-length book, The Body’s Alphabet, has been named as a finalist for a Bisexual Book Award in poetry. Ann is also a finalist for the Bi Writer of the Year Award. She will be reading at the awards ceremony on June 10 in New York City.


Kristen Tracy

Poetry Participant '07

Her manuscript, Half-Hazard, was selected by the Poetry Foundation for the Emily Dickinson First Book Award and will be published by Graywolf Press in October, 2018. She also has poems forthcoming in The Southern Review.


Christina Hutchins

Poetry participant '03, '06, '10, '13, '16

She is the 2017 Dartmouth Poet in Residence at The Frost Place. Reviews of her most recent book of poems, Tender the Maker, appear in Kirkus Reviews, Fjords Magazine, and Beloit Poetry Review.


Ann Fisher-Wirth

Poetry Workshop Participant, '92,'00,'09,'13

She is currently the Anne Spencer Poet in Residence at Randolph College, Lynchburg, VA. She is a fellow of the Black Earth Institute, and edited the edition “South” of the BEI online journal About Place (online on May 1). In May she will be at CAMAC/Centre d’Art, Marnay, France, on a month-long residency. Her new book, Mississippi, a poetry/photography collaboration with Maude Schuyler Clay, will be published by Wings Press in 2018. Selections from this collaboration exist also as a photography/letterpress broadside museum exhibit and as a theatre performance piece.

Ann Tweedy

Poetry Parcipant '97, '00, '04, '07, '12, '15

Her poetry book, The Body’s Alphabet, was named as a finalist for a Golden Crown Literary Award. Several of the poems were written during different summers at Squaw Valley.


Kathleen O’Toole

Poetry Participant '01, '03, '05, '09, '11

Kathleen O’Toole’s poem “At the mariner’s chapel, Auvillar” won 3rd place in the Image/NY Encounter poetry contest. She collaborated on the collection In the Margins: A Conversation in Poetry, released in March 2017 by Cherry Grove collections.


Marjorie Saiser

Poetry Participant, '00

She is the winner of the Fourth River (Chatham University) Folio Contest. Her entry, “Confluence Itself,” consists of a dozen poems to be published online in the fall of 2017. Natalie Diaz judged the competition. Also, Poems2go has published two additional poems.


KB Ballentine

Poetry Participant, 2015

KB Ballentine’s fourth collection, The Perfume of Leaving, won the 2016 Blue Light Press Poetry Award and was published in late 2016. A few of the poems were written at the Community of Writers. Ballentine’s fifth collection, Almost Everything, Almost Nothing, was accepted for publication by Middle Creek Publishing and will be available May 2017. Several of the poems in this latest collection were conceived and workshopped at Squaw Valley, including the title poem of the book.

Attended with the help of The Galway Kinnell Memorial Scholarship.

Patricia Spears Jones

Poetry Participant ’91,’92,’94 / Poetry Teaching Staff

Poet and playwright Patricia Spears Jones is the the 2017 recipient of the Jackson Poetry Prize from Poets & Writers. The judges praised Jones for her “sophisticated and moving” work. Her books of poems are Painkiller, Femme du Monde and, most recently, A Lucent Fire: New and Selected Poems.  “Patricia Spears Jones’ poems are made of fever, bones, and breath. The fever of eros, the bones of family and friends, and the breath of everyday existence. She is an accessible poet, but never boring,” the citation reads. “More of us should know who she is, and even more should read her.”

Molly Fisk

Poetry Participant, '92, '95, '98, '04 & Art of the Wild Participant '94

Molly Fisk was named the inaugural Poet Laureate of Nevada County, CA in April. Her latest book is Houston, We Have a Possum, Further Observations from a Working Poet.

http://www.mollyfisk.com, http://www.mollyfiskunlimited.com
Attended with the help of Poetry Elf/Community of Writers Scholarship

Monika Rose

Poetry Participant, '97 & Writers Workshops Participant '00 & Art of the Wild Participant '94,'95.

Monika Rose is co-editor of the Butte Fire anthology, Out of the Fire, (June 17, 2017) by nonprofit literary publisher Manzanita Writers Press in Calaveras County. Over 150 full-color pages of photography and poignant reflections in prose and poetry of a horrific fire, the seventh most destructive in California history, and one that destroyed a community and charred the landscape and environment of an already bark beetle-infested forest and woodland region. A website will chronicle the history of the event and the aftermath, reflecting the sensibilities of living in the foothill and Sierra region of California, and an eBook and eZine.


Eric Howard

Poetry Participant, ’09

Eric Howard’s debut book of poetry, Taliban Beach Party, is now available from Turtle Point Press. The collection binds Los Angeles to Ovid, versifies the last days of a failed pimp, gives a tarot reading to warplanes, and deciphers the hieroglyphics of lost empire.


Robert Hass

Director of the Poetry Program, and Staff Poet

His new book, A Little Book on Form: An Exploration Into The Formal Imagination of Poetry, was published by Harper Collins in 2017. From the former U.S. Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winner, an illuminating dissection of poetic form, traditional and modern.

Kazim Ali Quartet

Kazim Ali

Poetry Participant, '98; Poetry Staff, '10, '12, '16

Kazim’s new novel written in the form of a string quartet, The Secret Room: A String Quartet, has been published by Kaya Press. He also edited a collection of essays, Mad Heart Be Brave: On the Poetry of Agha Shahid Ali, published in April 2017 from the University of Michigan Press.


Dawn McGuire

Poetry Participant, '95,'97,'99,'01,'04,'07,'10,'12

Dawn McGuire’s fourth book of poetry, American Dream With Exit Wound, is out from IFSF Publishing (San Francisco) April 15, and can be ordered from Amazon and Small Press Distribution.
She reads on the Poetry Stage of the LA Times Festival of books on Saturday, April 22 (12:30 PM), with former California Poet Laureate, Carole Muske-Dukes.

Heather Altfeld

Heather Altfeld

Poetry Participant,'08,'10,'12,'15

Heather Altfeld won the 2017 Poetry Society of America Robert H. Winner Award. Two days later, she also won the Iron Horse Literary Review Trifecta Award for a poem, forthcoming in June 2017. Her book, The Disappearing Theatre, was released in Summer of 2016.

2017 rosner

Elizabeth Rosner

Writers Workshop Participant,'82,'83,'87; Poetry Participant,'99; Teaching Staff

Elizabeth Rosner’s first book of non-fiction, entitled Survivor Café: the Legacy of Trauma and the Labyrinth of Memory, will be published in September 2017 by Counterpoint Press.


Ali, Kazim

Poetry Participant, '98; Teaching Staff

Kazim Ali’s poem, “Refuge Temple,” is in the April edition of Poetry Magazine. The poem reflects on the houses of poets–specifically Lucille Clifton’s home in Buffalo and C.D. Wright and Forrest Gander’s home in Barrington.


Ann Tweedy

'97, '00, '04, '07, '12, '15

Ann Tweedy’s poetry book, The Body’s Alphabet (Headmistress Press 2016), was selected as a Lambda Literary Award finalist in Bisexual Nonfiction. A full list of Lambda Award Finalists can be found here.


Stella Beratlis

Poetry Participant,'07,'12

Stella’s 2015 collection, Alkali Sink, was nominated for a Northern California Book Award in May 2016. Stella was appointed poet laureate of the City of Modesto for 2016-2018.


Jami Macarty

Poetry Participant, '10, '14

Jami Macarty’s poetry chapbook, Landscape of The Wait, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in May, and is available for pre-order now. The first-drafts of some of these poems were written during the Poetry Workshop of  the Community of Writers in 2010, as Jami and her family dwelt in the profound uncertainty that followed her 19-year-old nephew Will’s car crash and resulting traumatic head injury.


Jenn Givhan

Poetry Participant, 2015

Jenn Givhan’s collection, Protection Spell, is now available from University of Arkansas Press. Publisher’s Weekly writes “In a second collection that beats with multiple hearts, Givhan (Landscape with Headless Mama) addresses complicated familial identity … specifically her own child’s identity and how she can protect him … expos[ing] the enduring animosity and aggression towards biracial families, doing so with candor and sparkling language. Every line is tightly composed, and the sensory details pull the reader towards the poet as she recounts her splintered world—her past as well as the present world she creates and navigates as a woman and a mother of color.”


Danusha Laméris

Poetry Participant, '00

Danusha Laméris’s poem, “The Watch,” which was published in the Nov/Dec issue of The American Poetry Review, has been selected to appear in the 2017 Best American Poetry anthology, edited by David Lehman and Natasha Trethewey.

Kenji Liu

Poetry Participant, '14

Kenji C. Liu’s newest chapbook, Craters: A Field Guide, is out from Goodmorning Menagerie in a limited edition of 100. Features Godzilla, digital divination, and how to destroy racism and patriarchy, all wrapped in a risographed cover by Tiny Splendor. Soon to be paired with a new, forthcoming chapbook from Bhanu Kapil.


Melissa Stein

Poetry Participant, '99

Melissa Stein was awarded a 2017 NEA Creative Writing Fellowship in Poetry. Her work has recently been published in Ploughshares, Tin House, Yale Review, The Literary Review, and Four Way Review. Her second book will be published in 2018 by Copper Canyon Press.


Kendra Tanacea

Poetry Participant, '16

Kendra Tanacea’s debut poetry collection, A Filament Burns in Blue Degrees, is available from Lost Horse Press or Amazon.


Alysia Nichole Harris

Poetry Participant, '14

Alysia Harris’s chapbook, How Much We Must Have Looked Like Stars to the Stars, was the winner of Finishing Line Press’s 2016 chapbook contest, and was released in August. It is already in its second printing.


Jeanne Foster

Poetry Participant, '88,'89

Jeanne Foster’s translation of the selected poems of Bianca Tarozzi, poet and Professor Emerita at the University of Verona, The Living Theater (Alan Williamson co-translator), will be out from BOA Editions in Fall 2017. She is teaching “Writing Poetry,” a workshop from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at Book Passage in Corte Madera CA. To sign up for workshop: Call (415) 927-0906, ext 1, or online at bookpassage.com/classes-workshops.

Holaday Mason

Poetry Participant, '00, '06

Holaday Mason had her first solo Photography Exhibit in 2016 & has published several books over the last few years. Her recent novels include The Red Bowl: A Fable in Poems, and The “She” Series: A Venice Correspondence, with Sarah Maclay.


Erin Adair-Hodges

Poetry Participant, '14

Erin Adair-Hodges’ first book, Let’s All Die Happy, was named as the winner of the 2016 Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press and will be published in the fall of 2017 as part of the Pitt Poetry Series. The title is taken from a poem written while at the Community of Writers, workshopped by Robert Hass.


Ross Belot

Poetry Participant, '15

Ross’s suite of poems, The Edge of Everything, was recently named one of five finalists for the 2016 CBC Poetry Prize. The prize attracts over a thousand entries each year from across Canada and is c0-sponsored by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Canada Council for the Arts. The judges for this year’s prize were George Elliot Clarke, Erin Moure and Roo Borson.


Joan Baranow

Poetry Participant, '11,'08,'06,'03,'01,'99,'97,'93,'92,'91,'90; Screenwriting Participant, '98

Joan Baranow’s poems have appeared in The Gettysburg Review, Poetry East, Forklift, OH, and Spillway. Her poem, “Believing,” received an Honorable Mention in the Tor House poetry contest. As editor with Wolf Ridge Press (founded by her husband and poetry alum David Watts) she issued their seventh poetry title, Breath Enough, by Vivian Teter. This summer she will launch a new low-residency MFA in Creative Writing at Dominican University. In addition to the genres of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, the program offers an optional track in Narrative/Poetic Medicine.


KB Ballentine

Writers Workshop Participant, '15

KB Ballentine’s fourth collection of poetry, The Perfume of Leaving, won the 2016 Blue Light Press Book Award and was published in August (2016).


Devi S. Laskar

Poetry Workshops Participant, '04, '08,'14; Writers Workshop Participant, '04,'15

Devi S. Laskar’s chapbook; Gas & Food, No Lodging; will be published by Finishing Line Press in February 2017. She recently won first prize in poetry at the 27th annual Mendocino Coast Writers Conference.


Jeanine Stevens

Poetry Participant, '07, '10, '14

Jeanine Stevens’ second poetry collection, Inheritor, was released by Future Cycle Press in June of 2016. This year, Jeanine’s poems have appeared in Tipton Poetry Review, Colere, Ekphrasis, Glassworks, Tiger’s Eye Journal and Forge.

Dan Bellm

Poetry Participant, '90, '92, '95, '97, '03

Dan Bellm’s fourth book of poems, Deep Well, was released by Lavender Ink (New Orleans) in April 2017. His translation of The Song of the Dead by Pierre Reverdy was published by Black Square Editions (New York) in September 2016.


Patricia Spears Jones

Poetry Workshop Participant, '91,'92,'94, Staff

Patricia Spears Jones’s poem, “Etta James at the Audubon Ballroom,” is included in the Pushcart Prize Anthology XLI.


Vickie Vertiz

Poetry Participant, '15; Writers Workshop Participant, '15

Vickie Vertiz was chosen to be a Poetry Center summer resident in 2016 by Natalie Diaz. Her collection of poetry, Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut, will be published by
The University of Arizona Press, Camino del Sol series. Vickie attended the Poetry Workshop with the assistance of the Lucile Clifton Memorial Scholarship.

don mee choi hardly war

Don Mee Choi

Poetry Workshop Staff

Don Mee Choi’s latest collection of poetry, Hardly War, was published in April of 2016 by Wave Books.


KB Ballentine

Poetry Participant, '15

KB Ballentine’s poetry collection, The Perfume of Leaving, won the Blue Light Press Book Award and was published in August (2016). Several of the works in this collection are a direct result of working at Squaw Valley with the expertise, wisdom, and direction of both the staff and the other participants.


Paco Marquez

Poetry Participant, '12

Paco’s two poems, “I Know No Country” and “Birds Is”, appear in the print version of Huizache, issue six.


Arisa White

Writers Workshop Participant, 2010

Arisa White’s newest collection, You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened, was published in October 2016 by Augury Books. Taking its titles from words used internationally as hate speech against gays and lesbians, White reworks, re-envisions, and re-embodies language as a conduit for art, love, and understanding. Cultural critic Roxane Gay calls You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened “an assured and memorable book of poetry that provokes thought as much as it provokes a depth of feeling.” Arisa attended the Community of Writers with the assistance of a Cave Canem Scholarship.


CB Follett

Poetry Participant '91, '93, '95, '00 '04

Former Poet Laureate of Marin County (2010-2013), CB Follett’s tenth book, Noah’s Boat, a poetry compendium of beasties large, small and smaller was published by Many Voices Press in 2016, (175 pages, $18, with illustrations). The book is available from Amazon, Many Voices Press and Arctos Press.


Stella Beratlis

Poetry Participant, '07 , '12

Stella Beratlis’ first collection, Alkali Sink (2015, Sixteen Rivers Press), was a nominee in the Northern California Book Award in poetry this year.


Valerie Wallace

Poetry Participant, '10

Valerie Wallace’s first book-length manuscript has been selected by the poet Vievee Francis for the 2016 Four Way Books Intro Prize. House of McQueen is scheduled to be published in March 2018.


M. Nzadi Keita

Writers Workshop Participant, '95; Poetry Participant, '97.

M. Nzadi Keita’s Brief Evidence of Heaven: Poems From The Life of Anna Murray Douglass (Whirlwind Press), was published in 2015. Keita’s persona poems imagine how free-born, illiterate Anna Murray Douglass saw the world as an independent woman, mother, abolitionist in her own right, and first wife to Frederick Douglass. It was a finalist for the 2015 Phillis Wheatley Poetry Prize from Quarterly Black Books Review. See spdbooks.org for purchase.


Sholeh Wolpé

Poetry Participant, '04

Poet and translator Sholeh Wolpé has translated and published The Conference of the Birds, by Attar. Considered by Rumi to be “the master” of Sufi mystic poetry, Attar is best known for his epic poem “The Conference of the Birds,” an allegorical tale about the soul’s search for meaning.

uncle kazim ali

Kazim Ali

Teaching Staff, Poetry Participant '98

Kazim Ali’s book of stories, Uncle Sharif’s Life in Music, will be published in November 2016 by Sibling Rivalry Press. It is available for pre-order now.


Ann Tweedy

Poetry Participant, '97, '00, '04, '07, '12, '15

Ann Tweedy’s first full-length poetry collection, The Body’s Alphabet, was published by Headmistress Press in August ’16. Her poem, “A Pocket of Words,” was awarded Honorable Mention in Lindenwood Review‘s Prose Poetry Contest and was published in Issue 6 in June ’16.


Michelle Bitting

Poetry Participant, '05

Michelle Bitting’s third collection of poetry, The Couple Who Fell to Earth, is now out from C & R Press. Recently three poems were named as finalists for the Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize. Michelle has work published in The American Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, Narrative, diode, the Paris-American, Nimrod, L.A. Weekly, Linebreak and others. Poems have appeared on Poetry Daily and as the Weekly Feature on Verse Daily.


Jami Macarty

Poetry Participant, '10, '14

Jami Macarty’s poem, “Subway,” was published in the “Figuring It Out” issue of Grain, the journal of eclectic writing, and “Nor’easter” was poem-of-the-week the blog at Vallium: Contemporary Poetry. “Peerings & Hearings–Occasional Musings on Arts in the City of Glass,” a blog feature she’s writing for Drunken Boat, went live in June.


Sawnie Morris

Poetry Workshop Participant, '90, '07, '10, '13

Sawnie Morris’ collection of poems, Her, Infinite, won the 2015 New Issues Poetry Award (judge: Major Jackson), and was published in March of 2016 by New Issues Press. Her poem, “elegy to a baby albatross at midway atoll,” is forthcoming in Best American Experimental Writing, 2016 (Wesleyan Press), online edition.

chuck joy

Chuck Joy

Chuck Joy’s collection of selected and new poems, Said the Growling Dog, was released by Nirala Publications (New Delhi, India). Chuck has presented poems from the book at Poets’ Hall (Erie PA), Mahall’s 20 Lanes and Mac’s Backs (Cleveland OH), Dog Ears Books (Buffalo NY), Left Bank Books (New York, NY), and other locations. Chuck continues as host of Open Mic Night at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. chuckjoy.com

Scot Siegel

Poetry Participant, '07

Salmon Poetry of Ireland has published Scot Siegel’s third full-length book of poems, The Constellation of Extinct Stars, and Other Poems. While writing the book, Siegel twice served as an Artist-in-Residence with Playa at Summer Lake in the high desert of south-central Oregon. The poems in the collection reflect on that experience, traversing a century of high desert history, human geography, and mythology, among other themes.



Stephen Massimilla

Poetry Participant, '04, '06

Stephen Massimilla’s Cooking With the Muse: A Sumptuous Gathering of Seasonal Recipes, Culinary Poetry, and Literary Fare (co-authored with Myra Kornfeld) is forthcoming from Tupelo Press on April 1. This 500-page “coffee table book” comprises a wide-ranging anthology of culinary poems; 150 international recipes; a complete book of new food poems and prose pieces by Massimilla; a guide to healthy, sustainable eating; and 200 color photographs, including many ingredient and market shots by Massimilla. In addition, new poems have appeared in 30 journals, including Barrow Street, Diode, Ducts, Interim, Notre Dame, Poet Lore, RHINO, Valparaiso Poetry Review, and Oxford Magazine.

Charde, Sharon

Sharon L. Charde

Poetry Participant, '01, '03, '07

Sharon Charde’s chapbook, After Blue, won an honorable mention in Finishing Line Press’s 2014 contest, and her chapbook, Incendiary, won first prize in Arcadia’s 2014 contest. Her poem “Fiftieth Anniversary” won first prize in the 2014 Rash Awards sponsored by Broad River Review, and she has been awarded fellowships to The MacDowell Colony (2015) and The Corporation Of Yaddo (2016).

Harvey, John

John Harvey

Poetry Participant, '95

The dramatisation of John Harvey’s 2014 novel Darkness, Darkness will be staged by Nottingham Playhouse in September. In October, together with the band Blue Territory John shall be performing “Poetry with Jazz” in Nottinghamshire Libraries. John is continuing (with Joy Wilkinson) to dramatise the novels of Qui Xialong for BBC Radio 4 Drama.


Christina Hutchins

Poetry Participant '03,'06,'10,'13

Christina Hutchins’ second book of poetry, Tender the Maker, winner of the 2015 May Swenson Award, was published by Utah State University Press / University Press of Colorado in autumn 2015. The book is an elegy both personal and historical, and some of the poems originated among the poets of the Community of Writers.

Attended with the help of General Scholarship

Deborah Dashow Ruth

Poetry Participant, '91, '92, '95, '98, '00, '01, '08, '13, '15 & Writers Workshops Participant, '91

Deborah Dashow Ruth’s first poetry book, Joyriding on an Updraft, was published by Sugartown Publishing in July. Two of her short plays were given staged readings in San Francisco, co-sponsored by the Dramatists Guild.


Judy Bebelaar

Poetry Participant, '08, '10

Judy Bebelaar’s chapbook, Walking Across the Pacific, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2014. Her work has been  included in The Widows’ Handbook: Poetic Reflections on Grief and Survival (foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, published by Kent State University Press in 2014) and River of Earth and Sky: Poems for the 21st Century (ed. Diane Frank, published by Blue Light Press in 2015).


Troy Jollimore

Poetry Participant, '12,'15

Troy Jollimore’s collection Syllabus of Errors is one of the ten poetry books noted in this New York Times Best of 2015 List. David Orr writes: ” ‘Jollimore’s third collection is intelligent, soulful and amusingly self-aware. One poem begins, ‘Is there anything anywhere in this world / that is free from possession, that is not owned / by anyone?’ The next sentence, of course, is: ‘If there is, I want it.’ “


Jim Gunshinan

Poetry Workshop, '98, '08

After 15 years as editor of Home Energy Magazine, Jim Gunshinan was inducted into the Building Performance Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement by the Building Performance Institute.

CB Follett Duet

CB Follett

Poetry Participant, '91,'93,'95,'00,'04

Duet, A Conversation of Word and Image was released in 2014 by Arctos Press. It features poems of CB Follett talking to photographs of Ginna Fleming, which reflect back.


b: william bearhart

Poetry Participant, '10

b: william bearhart’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Bloom (Issue 10), North American Review (Fall 2015), Plume (Issue 50), Prairie Schooner (Winter 2015), and Tinderbox Poetry Journal (December 2015). He is poetry co-editor for Mud City, an online lit journal from the Institute of American Indian Arts Lo Rez MFA program, which launched its first issue this past August. He is also working as poetry editor on the next issue of About Place Journal (May 2016) with Metta Sama, editor.

Christine Hemp

Poetry Participant, '06

Christine Hemp was the Anthony Hecht Poetry Scholar at the 2015 Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Her poems are forthcoming from 32 Poems and Christian Century.


Ray Hadley

Poetry Participant, '72

Ray Hadley’s poems have appeared in the Suisun Valley Review, the MacGuffinPoet Lore and Danse Macabre. He is poetry editor of Edge, a literary magazine published in Lake Tahoe, and welcomes submissions from members of the Community of Writers. He owns Keynote, a used record and bookstore on Lake Tahoe’s South Shore.

Allison DeLauer

Poetry Participant, '10

Five of Allison DeLauer’s poems were recently published in eleven eleven ( #19), themaynard.org (Fall 2015), and Catamaran Literary Reader (Spring 2015). Middle Earth Editions selected her poem, “Habitat,” from Catamaran to produce a limited edition run of 51 broadsides.


Curt Last

Poetry Participant, '13

Curt Last has three poems based on his experiences as a Navy Corpsmen in Afghanistan in the upcoming Chiron Review (Fall 2015). Included is “The Double Amp Lieutenant’s Wife,” which was written and workshopped at Squaw Valley Poets in 2013.


Monica Sok

Poetry Participant, '15

Monica Sok’s chapbook, “Year Zero”, is the winner of the Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship 30 and Under, selected by Marilyn Chin (forthcoming in Spring 2016). Her poem (written at Squaw Valley), “The Woman Who Was Small, Not Because The World Expanded,” is a finalist for the Narrative Magazine Seventh Annual Poetry Contest.


Patricia Spears Jones

Poetry Participant,'91,'92,'94

Patricia Spears Jones published A Lucent Fire: New & Selected Poems (White Pine Press); edited “The Future Imagined Differently” for About Place Journal for Black Earth Institute, where she is a Senior Fellow. She was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art by Elizabeth Alexander to create a poem in response to Jacob Lawrence’s famous and beloved Migrations Series–along with nine other poets including Rita Dove and Tyehimba Jess. The Poetry Suite is part of the exhibition’s catalogue and the readings are archived at MoMA. She reads December 9 at The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church.


Michael Homolka

Poetry Participant, '11

Michael Homolka’s manuscript, Antiquity, was selected by Mary Ruefle for the 2015 Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry and is forthcoming from Sarabande Books.

Kathy Gilbert

Poetry Participant, '13

A staged reading of Delphin and the Children of Amphitrite, by Kathy Gilbert, a one act play commissioned by the sfolympians festival, will be presented November 18, 2015 at the Exit Theater in San Francisco. The festival runs three weeks, from November 1-21.

CB Follett Compass

CB Follett

Poetry Participant, '91,'93,'95,'00,'04

CB has a book collection published called Boxing the Compass. The four books are Compass Points, Compass Rose, True North, and Wind Rose. Each booklet is 5″ x 5″ and contains four persona poems of people from history.



Stephanie Ford

Poetry Participant, '11

Stephanie Ford’s first poetry collection, All Pilgrim, has been published by Four Way Books (October 2015).


Paco Marquez

Poetry Participant, '12

Paco Marquez has a poem in the current issue of LiVE MAG!, which is available both in print and online.


Alexander Booth

Poetry Participant, '03

Alexander Booth’s translations of Austrian poet Friederike Mayröcker are forthcoming in A Public Space; his translation, together with You Nakai, of Berlin’s literary Wunderkammer “Museum of Unheard (of) Things” is forthcoming with Already Not Yet press. In addition, his translations of German Book Prize (2014)-winning poet Lutz Seiler’s collection of poems, in field latin, will be published in March 2016 by Seagull Books as will his translation of the young German writer Gunther Geltinger’s novel, Moor, that autumn. Some of his poems most recently appeared in the online journal H_NGM_N.


Berwyn Moore

Poetry Participant,'90,'92

Berwyn Moore won the 2015 James Dickey Poetry Award from Five Points Journal. She has also had poems appearing in Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry, Measure A Review of Formal Poetry, Briar Cliff Review, and Sow’s Ear Poetry Review.


Norman Minnick

Poetry Participant, '06

Norman Minnick has just finished editing and designing Work Toward Knowing: Beginning with Blake by Jim Watt, which will be published in November by Kinchafoonee Creek Press out of Athens, GA.


Jami Macarty

Poetry Participant '10, '14

Jami Macarty has completed editing the Fall 2015 issue of the online poetry journal The Maynard. The issue goes live with 32 poets and 45 poems on October 15. Look for two poems by Community of Writers sister and housemate, Allison Delauer, ’10. Submit your poems!


Mira Rosenthal

Poetry Participant, '00

Mira Rosenthal’s translation of Polish poet Tomasz Różycki’s Colonies won the Northern California Book Award and was shortlisted for numerous other prizes, including the prestigious International Griffin Poetry Prize. She has new poems, essays, and translations in Oxford American, Massachusetts Review, Nimrod, Kenyon Review Online, and American Poetry Review. This fall, she started a new position as the Director of Creative Writing at the University of South Alabama.


Claudia Rankine

Poetry Teaching Staff & Participant, '93

Claudia Rankine, whose book, Citizen: An American Lyric, won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry in 2015, has joined the English department at USC Dornsife as Aerol Arnold Chair of English.

Electric City

Elizabeth Rosner

Poetry Participant, '99, Writers Workshop Staff & Participant, '82,'83,'87

Elizabeth Rosner’s latest novel, Electric City, was released in paperback in late September, and was named as one of the best books of 2014 by National Public Radio.

CB Follett

CB Follett

Poetry Participant, '91,'93,'95,'00,'04

CB Follet’s latest book, Quatrefoil, Poems by CB Follett, published by Many Voices Press, is due out in two weeks. Quatrefoil is a collection of four unpublished chapbooks on trees, dogs, red rocks and various ‘gathering’ words, such as a Murder of Crows, An Ostentation of Peacocks, etc.



Audrey Taylor Gonzalez

Poetry Participant, '06,'07

Audrey Taylor Gonzalez published her first novel, South of Everything, this September 2015.


Henry Rappaport

Poetry Participant, '09

Henry Rappaport’s poem “Sotto Voce,” was just published in Diverse Voices Quarterly. “Word on the Street” will be published by The Mayard in October, and “Otis” will appear in The Cincinnati Review winter issue.

Troy Jollimore

Poetry Participant, '12,'15

Troy Jollimore’s third book of poems, Syllabus of Errors, was published in September 2015 by Princeton University Press.


Lisa Espenmiller

Poetry Participant, '95

Lisa Espenmiller’s haiku have been published in the following print and online haiku journals: Modern Haiku (Volume 46.1 Winter-Spring 2015), bones (Issue 6, March 15, 2015), bottle rockets (Issue 32 Winter 2015), is/let (December 21, 2014; January 3, 2015), Issa’s Untidy Hut – Wednesday Haiku feature (April 8, 2015; June 10, 2015).


Paul Watsky

Poetry Participant, '07,'09,'11,'13

Paul Watsky’s second poetry collection, Walk-Up Music (Fisher King Press) was published in April and received a Recommended Review from Kirkus.


Sandra Giedeman

Writers Workshop Participant '93, '96, '07

Sandra Giedeman’s poetry collection, In This Hour was published by Green Tara Press, Los Angeles, 2015.


Judy Rowe Michaels

Poetry Participant, '91, '92 & Writing the Medical Experience Participant, 2002

Judy Rowe Michaels’s chapbook, Ghost Notes, appeared from Finishing Line Press June 2015. The New Ohio Review published two of her poems, spring, 2015, and two appeared on Verse Daily in August and September, 2015. Her poem “Spring Rain” won the NJ Poetry Prize for 2014 , and “Concentration: Chiura Obata, Painter” won the Daniel Varoujan Prize from the New England Poetry Club (2014). Her collection This Morning I Wanted to Tell You was a May Swenson finalist in 2014. She will be reading at the Abroad Writers Conference in Dublin this December.


Sara Wallace

Poetry Participant, '06

Sara Wallace’s poetry collection, The Rival, published by The University of Utah Press in 2015, was awarded The Agha Shadhid Ali Poetry Prize. Her chapbook, Edge, was published in 2014 by The Center for Book Arts.

white nightgown

Megan Gannon

Poetry Participant, '04

Megan Gannon had two books published by Apprentice House in 2014. The first, White Nightgown, is a book of poems. The second, Cumberland, is a novel.