Elaine Barnard

Writers Workshop participant '11

Her short stories have won the first, third and fourth Strands International short story competitions.


Sally Abbott

Writers Workshop participant '85, '01, '03, '06, '13

Her novel Miami in Virgo was published by Woodbine Odyssey in October, 2019.

Sharon Olds

Poetry Workshop staff

Her newest book, Arias, was recently published by Penguin Random House.

Veronica Golos

Poetry Workshop participant '09

Her new book of poetry, Girl, was recently published by 3: A Taos Press.

Mame Ekblom Cudd

Writers Workshop Participant '09, '11

Her short story, “Into a Neat Line,” was a finalist in Glimmer Train’s Short Fiction Contest. Her novel, Shooting Rockets at The Moon, was a finalist in the Pirate’s Alley William Faulkner Society’s 2019 Novel-in-Progress category.

Erica Plouffe Lazure

Writers Workshop Participant '18

Her short story “The Ghost Rider,” workshopped at the Community of Writers, took the editor’s choice award for Carve Magazine’s Raymond Carver short story contest and appears alongside an interview in the 2019 fall issue of Carve.


Andrew Roe

Writers Workshops Participant, '97, '04

His short story “Is Someone Going to Say Something to the Woman Crying on BART?” will appear in the Winter 2019 issue of ZYZZYVA.


Merridawn Duckler

Writers Workshop participant '07

Her chapbook of poems, Interstate, was recently published by from Dancing Girl Press.


Pallavi Dhawan, Tamika Thompson, Devi Laskar

Tamika Thompson Writers Workshop participant '15; Pallavi Dhawan Writers Workshop participant '15, Devi Laskar Writers Workshop participant '04, '15, Poetry Workshop participant '04, '08, '14

Community of Writers alums Pallavi Dhawan, Tamika Thompson, and Devi Laskar have co-edited a new anthology called POC United: Graffiti, released on October 15 and available now through Aunt Lute Books.


Charles H Halsted

Poetry Participant, '18

His first full book of poetry Extenuating Circumstances has been published by Finishing Line Press and is available through FLP and Amazon Books. Many of its poems were first conceived and written at the 2018 Poetry workshop. This publication follows his published chapbook Breaking Eighty.

Sharon McElhone

Writers Workshops Participant '06

An excerpt from her memoir entitled “He Imitated a Stiff-Legged Frankenstein” appears in the Fall 2019 Volume IX issue of Label Me Latina/o.


Marianne Villanueva

Writers Workshop Participant, July 2014

Her memoir-in-flash, A Prayer Answered, was in Signs, a special themed issue of Jellyfish Review: September 2019. Her story “Tu-an Ju” was in the Otherworld/Underworld of University of Hawai’i – Manoa’s e-zine vice-versa. Her story “Things She Can Take” was in the Prairie Schooner Winter 2018 special issue on Opioids.


Kathleen O’Toole

Poetry '01,' 03, '05, '09, '11

Her latest poetry collection This Far was released in October, 2019. Her poems have recently been featured in Antiphon, Smartish Pace and are forthcoming in The MacGuffin and Public Poetry.


David Corbett

Writers Workshop participant '88, '89, 91, '99; Screenwriting Workshop participant '01

His new book, The Compass of Character: Creating Complex Motivation for Compelling Characters in Fiction, Film, and TV,  was published in November, 2019, by Writer’s Digest Books. 


Eddy Ancinas

Writers Workshop participant '72

The 70th Anniversary Edition of her SKADE Award-Winning book, Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows: Tales from Two Valleys, was published in October, 2019.

Scott Edward Anderson

Art of the Wild participant, ‘92

His newest book, Falling Up: A Memoir of Second Chances, was published by Homebound Publications as part of its Little Bound Books Essay Series in September 2019.


Anara Guard

Writers Workshops Participant '16

Her new book of poetry, Hand on My Heart, will be published by New Wind Publishing on November 1, 2019.


Ashley Wurzbacher

Writers Workshop participant '19

Her debut novel, Happy Like This, will be published by University of Iowa Press in October, 2019.

Attended with the help of Carlisle Family Scholarship

Ashley Wurzbacher

Writers Workshop participant '19

She was recently named one of the National Book Foundation’s “5 Under 35” honorees, a prize that aims to “recognize young, debut fiction writers whose work promised to leave a lasting impression on the literary landscape.” Her debut novel, Happy Like This, will be published on October 15, 2019 from University of Iowa Press.

Attended with the help of Carlisle Family Scholarship