Claudia Putnam

Writers Workshops '12

Her personal essay, Double Negative, won the Split/Lip Press CNF chapbook contest and is forthcoming March 15, 2022. It is available for preorder starting on February 15.

Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

Writers Workshops Participant, '14

His new translation of the classical Tamil masterpiece on ethics, power, and love, The Kural: Tiruvalluvar’s Tirukkural, was published by Beacon Press on January 11, 2022.
Attended with the help of Carlisle Family Scholarship

Richard Sime

Poetry Participant, '16, '19

His second collection of poems, The Next Breath, will soon be his first published book (the first collection is still looking for a home) when Finishing Line Press releases the book this year.

Erin L. McCoy

Poetry Participant, 2016

Her poem, “How a lake flash-froze a herd of horses,” was selected by Kaveh Akbar for inclusion in Best New Poets 2021. This is McCoy’s second appearance in the Best New Poets anthology.
Attended with the help of Oakley Hall III Memorial Scholarship

Lester Graves Lennon

Poetry Participant, '99, '01, '03, '05, '07, '09, '11, '13, '15, '17, '19, '20

His third book of poetry, Lynchings: Postcards from America, was released the first week of January, 2022. The title section (all started in the Valley) consists of 13 poems that look at 12 lynching photographs, some of which were turned into postcards.

Kelly Houle

Poetry Participant, '20

She has poems appearing in the Spring 2022 issues of Press Pause (vol 6), Radar Poetry (Issue 32 XXII), The Round (Issue XXII), Sequestrum (Issue 30), and Visitant (2/23).

Melenie Freedom Flynn

Writers Workshops Participant '09, '10

She is the recipient of a generous 2022 Elizabeth George Foundation grant to support the completion of her memoir about growing up in the backseat of Delilah, her family’s big blue Ford LTD, as they moved back and forth between the Rajneesh Commune in Oregon and Las Vegas during the 1980s.

Attended with the help of Carlisle Family Scholarship

Caroline Frost

Writers Workshop participant '17, '21

Her debut novel, Shadows of Pecan Hollow, was just published by William Morrow. It’s a gritty Texas thriller about a fierce woman and the partner in crime she can’t escape. Caroline workshopped a chapter from her novel at Community of Writers in 2017.

Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

Poetry Workshop participant '19

Her newest work of poetry and visual art, Her Read: A Graphic Poem, was published in 2021 by Texas Review Press.

Shangyang Fang

Poetry Workshop participant '19

His poetry collection, Burying the Mountain, was recently published by Copper Canyon Press.

Nevada McPherson

Writers Workshop Participant, '08

Her novel, Poser, will be published by Outcast Press in February, 2022.

First in a noir series called the Eucalyptus Lane Novels, set in and around Palo Alto, CA, Poser offers a “class-conscious, peeping-Tom gaze into Silicon Valley’s bedrooms and back-alleys, where dreams really do come true and unlikely, life-altering connections are made, for better—or worse.”