Sandra McPherson

Poetry Teaching Staff '80/'Art of the Wild Teaching Staff 92, '93, '95, '96, '97, '99

Two of her collections were published in 2022: Speech Crush (Gunpowder Press, Santa Barbara); and The 5150 Poems (Nine Mile Books, Lafayette, NY).

Molly Fisk

Poetry Participant '92, '95, '98, '04; Art of the Wild Participant

Her fifth collection of radio commentary, Everything But the Kitchen Skunk, came out in November, 2022. She publishes this series herself; you can order it from your favorite independent book seller through Ingram.

Lynne Goldsmith

Poetry Workshop Participant '97, '02

Her new full-length poetry collection, By Light and Hidden Matter, is now out and available online.

Charmaine Craig

Writers Workshops Teaching Staff '18; Writers Workshop Participant '97, '98

Her novel My Nemesis will be published by Grove Press in February, 2023. Her previous novel, Miss Burma, was longlisted for the National Book Award and the Women’s Prize for Fiction.

Robert Thomas

Poetry Participant, '88

His new book of poetry, Sonnets with Two Torches and One Cliff, will be published in February, 2023, by Carnegie Mellon University Press, and is available for preorder now. 80 nontraditional sonnets explore love and jealousy—the traditional obsessions of sonnets—from nontraditional angles.

Vishwas Gaitonde

Writers Workshops Participant, '14, '22

His short story ‘Mardy Gras’ has been published in The MacGuffin, Fall 2022 issue.
Attended with the help of Maat Scholarship '22