Louis Edwards

Writers Workshop teaching staff '06, '10, '22

His novel, Ramadan Ramsey, was recently selected by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the 20 best works of fiction of 2021.

T.A. Niles

Memoir and Nonfiction Workshop participant '21

A play he co-wrote with Linda C. Lederman, An Attitude of Gratitude, will be performed virtually on November 6. To register for the live performance, visit this link.

Amanda Moore

Poetry Workshop participant '19

Her newest book of poetry, Requeening, which was selected by Ocean Vuong as a National Poetry Series winner, was published on October 26, 2021 by Ecco.

Tom Lutz

Writers Workshop teaching staff '17, '19, '21

The third volume of his travel series, The Kindness of Strangers, was published in October, 2021.


Holaday Mason

Poetry Workshop participant '00, '06, '19

Her work is featured in the upcoming anthology, What Falls Away is Always: Writers Over 60 on Writing and Death. There is an in-person publication reading at Village Well Bookstore this Wednesday, October 27, in Culver City.

Rashaan Alexis Meneses

Writer's Workshop Participant, '17

Her piece “On Teaching at the End of the World” was recently published in Literary Hub’s series “Teaching Through a Pandemic” on October 18, 2021.

Attended with the help of Ancinas Scholarship

Michelle Bitting

Poetry Participant '05

She was short-listed for the 2020 Montreal International Poetry Prize, and a finalist for the 2021 Coniston Prize, Ruminate’s “The Waking” Flash Prose Contest, and the 2020 Reed Magazine Edwin Markham Prize.


Julia Flynn Siler

Writers Workshop participant '03, '04; Writers Workshop teaching staff '14, '15, '16, '18, '19, '20, '21

Her feature in Alta Journal, “The Safe Place That Became Unsafe,” won Folio’s national award in the category of Best Investigative Reporting.  This is the story about a predatory pastor who abused generations of Chinese boys and a follow-up to her book, The White Devil’s Daughters.

Tiphanie Yanique

Writers Workshop participant '05; Writers Workshop teaching staff '15, '21

Her newest novel, Monster in the Middle, was recently published by Riverhead Books.

Lisa Alvarez

Writers Workshop participant '93; Co-director of the Fiction Workshop

Her short story, “Everyone was Singing Freiheit,” appears in the fall 2021 issue of Air/Light magazine.

Nicholas Nichols

Poetry Workshop participant '19

They were recently named the associate editor of The Offing, an online literary magazine that publishes creative writing in all genres and art in all media. “The Offing publishes work that challenges, experiments, provokes — work that pushes literary and artistic forms and conventions.”


Vishwas Gaitonde

Writers Workshop participant '14

He was a finalist in The George Floyd Short Story Competition conducted by the Nottingham Writers Studio, in Nottingham, England. His story, ‘The Worth of a Miracle’ was included in the prize anthology Black Lives. An audio recording of the story has been posted on the Nottingham City Libraries website as part of Black History Month (celebrated in October in Britain) & can be accessed here all October.


Rowena Leong Singer

Writers Workshop Participant '19

Her novel manuscript, All Manner of Beasts, has been selected as the winner in literary fiction in the 2021 Book Pipeline Unpublished Contest. In this novel, a wife becomes the hero to the husband who thought she needed saving in the midst of Japanese-occupied Philippines during World War II, while soldiers hunt for guerrillas and their supporters, making this couple their target. The excerpt she submitted for this contest is a revised version of the one she submitted for critique at the Community of Writers summer Fiction workshop in 2019.


Mandy Gardner

Writers Workshops Participant '17

Her piece, “Recovery from Simultaneous Stroke and Cardiac Arrest,” a humorous take on the traditional medical abstract and based on a true story, was recently published in the Maine Review.


John Foran

Writers Workshop participant '13

His newest novel, A Mistaken Hostage, was published in September, 2021.

Joshua Ferris

Writers Workshop participant '03

His newest novel, A Calling for Charlie Barnes, was published in September, 2021, by Little, Brown and Company.

Amanda Moore

Poetry Workshop (Virtual Valley), 2021

Amanda Moore’s debut collection, Requeening, selected by Ocean Vuong for the 2020 National Poetry Series was published in October 2021 by HarperCollins/Ecco.