Randy White

Poetry Participant, '16

His company, Blue Oak Press, is publishing Lisa Dominguez Abraham’s first book of poems Coyote Logic in Fall 2018. Randy is also publishing Karst Mountains Will Bloom: The Collected Poems of Pos Moua during Winter 2018. Moua is considered by many to be the father of Hmong poetry. Blue Oak Press has also begun compiling poems for the anthology They Will Rise Like A Wave: An Anthology of Asian American Women Poets which will be released in Spring 2020.


Lynn Gordon

Writers Workshops Participant, '11

Her stories are appearing this year in J Journal and The Examined Life.

Julia Park Tracey

Writers Workshops Participant '16, '18

Her in-depth feature on San Francisco Bay Area author and activist Kate Schatz was the cover story for Alameda Magazine in August 2018, and a major feature in Oakland Magazine August 2018.


Janyce Stefan-Cole

Writers Workshop '04

Her short tale, “Clowns,” is included in the The Open Space, issue 21, “Things That Matter”.


Justin McFarr

Writers Workshops Participant, '13

His collection of 4 short stories – which feature the main characters from his first novel, The Bear Who Broke the World – was published as a Kindle exclusive by Wheeler Street Press in August, 2018.


David Stallings

Poetry Participant, '11

He recently published his second book of poetry, Risking Delight (Aldrich Press, Kelsay Books, 2018).

giovanni singleton

Her new book of poetry, American Letters: Works on Paper, was recently published by Canarium Books.

Vanessa Hua

Writers Workshop Participant '08

Her new novel, A River of Stars, was recently published by Ballantine Books.

David Corbett

Writers Workshop Participant '88, '89, '91, '99, Screenwriting Workshop Participant '01

His newest book, The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday, is now available from Black Opal Press.


Penelope Moffet

Poetry Workshop Participant '87, '17

Her new book of poems, It Isn’t That They Mean to Kill You, is now available from Arroyo Seco Press.

Norma Liliana Valdez

Poetry Participant '16

Her chapbook manuscript, Preparing the Body, is forthcoming by YesYes Books. Her essay, “Inheritance”, was recently published in The Rumpus as part of the “Mothering Outside the Margins” series.


Robert Schladale

Writer's Workshop '16, '17

His story, “Life in the Littoral Waters,” appears in the most recent issue of Redivider (February 2018).

Robert Rorke

Writers Workshop Participant, '11

Harper Collins published his first novel, Car Trouble, on September 11, 2018.

Marcia Butler

Writer's Workshop Participant '15

Her debut novel, Pickle’s Progress, will be published on April 9, 2019. Recent praise from Richard Russo: “The four main characters in Pickle’s Progress seem more alive than most of the people we know in real life because their fears and desires are so nakedly exposed. That’s because their creator, Marcia Butler, possesses truly scary X-ray vision and intelligence to match.”


Dedria Humphries Barker

Writing Workshop Participant '08, '15

She won a Tier 1 writing residency award to Can Serrat, El Bruc, Barcelona, Spain, and was in residence March – May, 2018.


Regina Louise

Writers Workshop Participant ‘02, '15, Writers Workshop Alum Reading ‘03, Screen Writing Workshop ‘09

Her new book, Someone Has Led This Child to Believe: A Case History of Love, was published on July 10 by Agate Publishing. The film adaptation of her memoir, Someone’s Somebody,  wrapped principal photography June 27th.

Amber Flora Thomas

Poetry Participant '92, '99, '01, '03, '05, '13

Her book Red Channel in the Rupture: Poems will be published in August, 2018, by Red Hen Press.

Forrest Gander

Poetry Workshop Teaching Staff

His new collection, Be With, will be published by New Directions in August 2018.