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2018 Writers Workshops: July 8-15

Monday, July 9

Panel on Scene in Fiction, Nonfiction and Film, with Tom Barbash, Patricia K. Meyer, Peter Orner, and Jason Roberts. Moderated by Sands Hall.

Panel: “The Novel Politique: The Big Idea” with Charmaine Craig, Karen Joy Fowler, Elizabeth Rosner and Andrew Winer. Moderated by Andrew Tonkovich.


Saturday, July 14

Craft Talk with Max Byrd: “Rhetoric for Writers”

Panel: Story Collections & Craft with Tom Barbash, Peter Orner, Kirsten Valdez Quade and Elizabeth Tallent. Moderated by Oscar Villalon.


Panel: “Hollow Sidewalks: Character as Plot” with Edan Lepucki, Leslie Daniels, Louis B. Jones and Gabriel Tallent. Moderated by Andrew Tonkovich.

“Beyond the Conference: Sustaining the Momentum” with Charmaine Craig, Edan Lepucki and Elizabeth Rosner. Moderated by Lisa Alvarez.

Friday, July 13

Craft Talk with Karen Joy Fowler: “Who’s Telling this Story Anyway, Me or You?: On Viewpoint”

Craft Talk by Michael Carlisle and Geoff Shandler: “On Narrative Nonfiction”

Roundtable: “Two California Literary Journal Editors Discusss Their Journals and Their Role in Sustaining and Promoting California Literature,” with Andrew Tonkovich (Santa Monica Review) and Oscar Villalon (ZYZZYVA)

Wednesday, July 11

Literary Agents Panel with Lucy Carson, BJ Robbins and Joy Harris. Moderated by Leslie Daniels.

Agent & Author: Gabriel Tallent & Joy Harris.

Book Editors Panel with Jennifer Alton, Reagan Arthur, Joy Johannessen, Cal Morgan and Geoff Shandler. Moderated by Michael Carlisle.

Editor & Author: Edie Meidav & Cal Morgan.

Tuesday, July 10

Andrew Winer on Henry James: “Unsettling the Scene”

Panel: “Writing What You (Don’t) Know: The Boundaries of Empathy” with Dana Johnson, Peter Orner, Gabriel Tallent and Oscar Villalon. Moderated by Edie Meidav.


The Historical Narrative: Setting Time & Scent” with Kirsten Valdez Quade, Jason Roberts, Julia Flynn Siler and Margaret Wilkerson Sexton. Moderated by Andrew Winer.




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