Antonia Angress

Writers Workshop participant '19

Her debut novel, Sirens and Muses, will be published by Penguin Random House in July, 2022.

Jeanine Stevens

Poetry Participant, '07, '10 '14 '17

Her chapbook, Ornate Persona, is soon to be released by Clare Songbirds Publishing.
This chapbook features poems influenced by dance, film, art, literature, starring Nijinsky, Apollinaire, Siddhartha, Chagall and others. The poem sequence, “Six Paintings by Miss X,” was started at Community of Writers in 2010 at Kazim Ali’s workshop.

Marilyn Kallet

Poetry Workshop participant '05, '98, '96.

Her 19th book, Even When We Sleep, was recently published by Commonwealth Books, Black Widow Press. It is her 8th book of lyric poetry.