Consuelo Marshall

Poetry Participant '12

Her poem, “Myself As A Playboy Bunny” won the Verve International Poetry Festival Competition, in Birmingham, UK, and was judged by Luke Kennard. It appears in It All Radiates Outwards, the Verve Anthology of City Poems, Verve Poetry Press.

Varley O’Connor

Writers Workshops Teaching Staff '04, '12; Participant '88, '89

Her fifth novel, The Welsh Fasting Girl, will be published by Bellevue Literary Press in May 2019.

Nancy Huxtable Mohr

Poetry Participant '04, '06

Her book of poetry, The Well: Poems From Twin Pines Farm, is now available.

Kenji Liu

Poetry Workshop Participant '14

His new collection of poetry, Monsters I Have Been, will be published by Alice James Books in April, 2019.

Valerie Wallace

Poetry Participant '10

Her debut novel, House of McQueen, was published by Four Way Books in March, 2018.

Tim Wendel

Writers Workshop Participant '86, '87, '88, '89, '05

His new book, Cancer Crossings: A Brother, His Doctors and the Quest for a Cure to Childhood Leukemia, will be released in spring 2018. He is a writer-in-residence at Johns Hopkins University.

R.T. Jamison

Writers Workshops Participant, '15

His short story, “Forty Days in the Desert,” first published in the Kenyon Review, was selected for the anthology Buffalo Cactus and Other New Stories from the Southwest, available now from the University of New Mexico Press.

Aida Salazar

Writer Workshops Participant '07

Her debut novel, The Moon Within, was acquired by Nick Thomas at AALB/Scholastic. This free verse middle grade novel tells the story of 11-year-old Celi, whose life swirls with questions about her changing body, her first attraction to a boy, her best friend’s exploration of what it means to be genderfluid, and her mother’s insistence she have a Chicana moon ceremony for her first menses. Publication is slated for spring 2019; Marietta B. Zacker of the Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency negotiated the deal for North American English and Spanish rights.

Kazim Ali

Poetry Participant '98; Poetry Teaching Staff '10, '12, '16, '18

He is featured in the March/ April issue of The American Poetry Review. Kazim will be joining us again this summer on staff at the Poetry Workshop.

Crystal Reiss

Writers Workshop Participant '97

Crystal Jo Reiss’s first novel, Jane Is Everywhere has been published. This “more than #metoo” novel is about one woman’s absurd journey through America during the last two decades. It is now available for order at bookstores around the world (including the usual online outlets).

Shobha Rao

Writers Workshop Participant '02

Her debut novel, Girls Burn Brighter, was published this month. She is also the author of the short story collection, An Unrestored Woman. She is the winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction, and her story “Kavitha and Mustafa” was chosen by T.C. Boyle for inclusion in Best American Short Stories 2015.

Scot Siegel

Poetry Participant, ‘07

His chapbook, Daughters, Here | Daughters, Gone, will be published by Uttered Chaos Press in March 2018. The publisher writes, “Daughters, Here | Daughters, Gone is not about loss but self-determination. It is a father’s prayer for his daughters, and daughters everywhere, as they remake the world in their vision.”

Ksenia Lakovic

Writers Workshop Participant, '12

Her short story “The Addition” was a semi-finalist for the 2017 Tillie Olsen Short Story Award and appeared in The Tishman Review in January 2018.

Gretchen Van Lente

Writers Workshop Participant '96

She has two new books out this month. First is a collection of short stories of literary horror published by Hammer and Anvil Press, She-Thing and Other Righteous Tales. The second is Hydriphilica, also literary horror, published by Alternative Book Press. Both are available on Amazon. She-Thing is a book in print, and Hydrophilica is an Amazon Digital (at ).

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Blas Falconer

Poetry Participant '12, '16

His upcoming book, Forgive the Body this Failure, will be published in September, 2018. His poem “Apology For My Son Who Stops to Ask About His Mother Once More,” was recently published in the Harvard Review Online. You can read that here.

Dylan Brie Ducey

Writers Workshop Participant, '15

Her two flashes, “Disorder” and “The Mother Knocks Again, Louder This Time” appeared in The Occulum in August, 2017. Also, a short story, “Jaconita,” appeared in Four Way Review in November, 2017.
Attended with the help of Carlisle Family Scholarship

Sanam Mahloudji

Writers Workshops Participant, '12

Her fiction will appear in the next issue (#52) of McSweeney’s Quarterly. Her fiction is also in Passages North‘s 2018 issue and Crab Creek Review‘s Spring 2017 issue. She was also nominated for the 2018 PEN/Robert J. Dau Prize for Emerging Writers.

Ben Hinshaw

Writers Workshops Participant, '17

His story ‘Brazil and Back’ appeared in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of The Carolina Quarterly. Elsewhere, his story ‘Queen of the Forest’ placed third in the 2017 Bridport Short Story Prize, and his collection Exactly What You Mean won the 2017 Maurice Prize in Fiction. In January 2018, Ben received a grant from the Elizabeth George Foundation.
Attended with the help of Carlisle Family Scholarship

Diane Wolff

Writers Workshop Participant '84

In early February, she did a reading from her work of narrative history An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse: The Man of Iron Recruits the Man of Letters. The reading took place at a conference at the Embassy of Mongolia in Washington, D. C., hosted by the Ambassador.

Ashley Roach-Freiman

Poetry Workshop Participant, '14

Her first chapbook, Bright Along the Body, was released by Dancing Girl Press in December 2017. Ashley reckons with and troubles the idea of identity in marriage and the overwhelming project of desire.

David Dixon

Poetry Participant '17

His poem “Noel Reeks of Bleach,” was recently published in the winter 2018 issue of Blue Streak, a poetry journal from Military Experience & the Arts. He wrote this poem during his time in Squaw Valley for his session with staff poet Forrest Gander.
Attended with the help of Veteran's scholarship

Maw Shein Win

Poetry Participant '94

Her full-length poetry collection, Invisible Gifts, will be published by Manic D Press in April, 2018. She is currently featured on Poetry International Web. Read the full article is here.

Susan Henderson

Writers Workshops Participant, '09

Her second novel, The Flicker of Old Dreams, was published by HarperCollins in March of 2018. Susan lives in New York and blogs at the writer support group,

Jasmin Darznik

Writers Workshop Participant '06, '10

Her novel Song of a Captive Bird was published by Random House/Ballantine in February 2018. It tells the story of Iran’s iconic woman poet, Forugh Farrokhzad.

Michael Andreasen

Writers Workshop Participant '07, Published Alumni '18

His debut collection The Sea Beast Takes a Lover was published February 28, 2018, by Dutton. Michael will be returning to Squaw Valley this summer as a part of the Published Alumni Reading Series.

Attended with the help of UCI Scholarship

Ramona Ausubel

Writers Workshop Participant '07, '12

Her new novel Awayland will be released from Riverhead Books this month.
Attended with the help of UC Irvine Scholarship

Hilary Zaid

Writers Workshop Participant, '12

Her debut novel, Paper is White, was published  in March 2018 from Bywater Books.
Attended with the help of The James D. Houston Memorial Scholarship

Sands Hall

Writers Workshops Participant and Staff

Her memoir, Flunk. Start.was published by Counterpoint Press in March, 2018.