Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2017

It’s here!

We are delighted to announce the publication of Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2017.  This annual anthology is made up of poems first written during the 2017 Poetry Workshop, and is available now! Proceeds benefit the Poetry Workshop’s Scholarship Fund.

Each June at the Community of Writers, poets gather in the Sierras to write and share their new work. Participants and teaching staff poets alike write a poem each day and then bring their new draft to workshop the next morning. All of the poems in Written Here 2017 first emerged during the Poetry Workshop week. This edition of Written Here contains a historic first for the Community: it contains work by each and every one of the poets who attended in 2017, as well as poems by each of the staff poets: Francisco Aragón, Forrest Gander, Robert Hass, Brenda Hillman, Sharon Olds, and Gregory Pardlo. The result is an astonishing look into what this generative and supportive week can yield. Congratulations to the volunteer alums who made this happen: Editor, Aaron Graham; managing editor Roger Soffer; photographer, Ananda Lima; and Cody G. Gates, the book’s designer.

Poets included in the issue:

Allison Albino · Amy Antongiovanni · Francisco Aragón · Gene Berson · Judy Bertelsen · Rebecca Black · Allyson Boggess · Jennifer Swanton Brown · Sammi Bryan · Lucy Burns · Anita Ann Cabrera · James Cagney · Brian Cochran · Susan Cohen · Alana de Hinojosa · David R. Dixon · Ryan Dzelzkalns · Janet Fitch · Neil Flatman · Kari Flickinger · Tracy Fuad · Josie Gallup · Forrest Gander · Aaron Graham · Kelsey Gutierrez · Susie Hammond · Kim Harvey · Robert Hass · Zakia Henderson-Brown · Brenda Hillman · Jackie Hymes · Alisha Kaplan · Michele Karas · Stefan Karlsson · Hannah Perrin King · Elizabeth Lapin · Lester Graves Lennon · Raina J. León · Ananda Lima · Yuxi Lin · Bonnie Long · Antonio Lopez · Jami Macarty · Dean Wilfred Martineau · Max McDonough · Dawn McGuire · Maggie Millner · Penelope Moffet · David Moody · Madeleine Mori · David Mucklow · Robin Myers · Kimberly Nunes · Sharon Olds · Gregory Pardlo · Therí Pickens · C. Pirloul · Laura Post · Henry Rappaport · Nicholas Reiner · Laura Rosenthal · Deborah Dashow Ruth · Brynn Saito · Cintia Santana · Matthew Schmidt · Vernon Small · Roger Soffer · Carl Steen · Jeanine Stevens · Cameron Stuart · Gabriella R. Tallmadge · Jan Verberkmoes · Marci Vogel · Katie Walker · Jeff Walt · Paul Watsky · Randy White · Annette Wong · Emma Winsor Wood

The book available through a print-on-demand site for $18

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