Books & Anthologies

The Community of Writers has produced several books and journals that represent the fruits of our conference. For announcements of new publications, please join our mailing list.

The Annual Poetry Anthology

One of our most notable publications has been Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review (formerly The Squaw Valley Review), where alumni poets continue the tradition of publishing a collection of poems begun during the Poetry Workshop. Poets from the most recent workshop submit three poems, completely revised or exactly the same as the day the poem was first imagined. Volunteer alumni editors select the poems to appear in the Review. Proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund, enabling talented poets to attend.

Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2017

$16 (shipping included)

This edition of Written Here contains a historic first for the Community: it contains work by each and every one of the poets who attended in 2017. The result is an astonishing look into what this generous and supportive week can produce. In addition to work by every 2017 participant, poems first written during that week by the six teaching staff poets also appear within these pages. 2017’s Guest Director Brenda Hillman’s “Dawn Tercets with Blake & Nuthatch” opens the collection, which also includes Francisco Aragón’s “Helen Speaks”, “Life Coach” by Forrest Gander, “Small Act of Homage” by Robert Hass, “I Do Not Know If It Is True, But I Think” by Sharon Olds and “Convertible” by Gregory Pardlo.

Proceeds benefit the Poetry Workshop’s Scholarship Fund.

Edited by Aaron Graham and Roger Soffer. Cover art courtesy of Ananda Lima.

Proceeds support the Community of Writers Poetry Scholarship Fund. 

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Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2016

$18 (shipping included)

Invite some of the magic of wind on the mountain and warm days in the valley into your mailbox. From the turbulent summer of 2016, 43 poets bring you 67 poems. This edition of Written Here presents a selection of the pieces that emerged from our week of poetry workshops. Edited and designed by participant volunteers from the workshop, it’s a beautiful anthology that reflects a range of subjects, a variety of styles, and concerns that continue today. Edited by Amy Elisabeth Davis, Richard Sime, Christine Gosnay, Abriana Jetté, Trisha Peck, and Roberto Santiago and designed by Cody Gates and Maureen Forys, the book’s profits go to the Community of Writers Scholarship Fund. Every copy you get for yourself or someone else is also a gift to a future participant in the workshop.

Note: This is a revised and corrected edition. If you have already purchased a copy of Written Here 2016 at the June 2017 fundraiser or at the 2017 Community of Writers bookshop, write to and we’ll tell you how to replace that earlier edition with this new one, gratis.

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Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2015

2015 cover$16.00 

The 2015 Review, dedicated to the late C.D. Wright,  The poems appearing in Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2015 all had their genesis during the 2015 Poetry Workshop. The anthology was edited and designed by volunteers from the workshop, including KB Ballentine, Judy Brackett, M.D. Myers, Caitlin Neely, Jon Riccio, Carolyne Whelan, Emily Wolahan, and Jules Wood. Proceeds benefit the Poetry Workshop Scholarship Fund.

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The Squaw Valley Review
Poetry Anthology 2014

2014 cover$16.00

In the 2014 Squaw Valley Review, alumni poets continue the tradition of publishing a collection of poems begun during the June 2014 Poetry Workshop. For this issue, all participant and staff poets from the 2014 workshop were invited to submit three poems, revised or the same as the day the poem was first imagined in June 2014. Volunteer editors, alumni from the same annual workshop, selected and edited the poems that appear in the 2014 Review. Proceeds benefit the Poetry Workshop Scholarship Fund.

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Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2013

2013 cover $16.00 

The 2013 Review is dedicated to Galway Kinnell, and was edited by William Clark, Jennifer C. Humbert, and Lori Singer Meyer. Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review 2013 continues the tradition of publishing poems that first emerged during the summer’s Workshop. The poems appearing in Written Here were selected by a team of editors, themselves workshop participants, from the work submitted by their fellow poets. Proceeds benefit the Poetry Workshop Scholarship Fund.

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The Squaw Valley Review
Poetry Anthology 2012

2012 cover

The 2012 Anthology includes poems by: Kazim Ali, Heather Altfeld, Amy Antongiovanni, Carolene Armer, Phillip Barron, Ruth Baumann, Stella Beratlis, Judy Brackett, Deborah Casillas, Anne Champion, MK Chavez, Lily Chiu, Jolie Clark, Meg Day, Celeste Doaks, Charles Douthat, Marva Edwards, Diana Fisher, Katie Ford, Angel Garcia, Carla T. Griswold, Bradley Harrison, Troy Jollimore, Tehmina Khan, Jeffrey Kingman, Elizabeth Lapin, Abbie Leavens, Lisa Low, Paco Marquez, Consuelo Marshall, Dawn McGuire, Elizabeth McLagan, Michael Montlack, Sharon Olds, D. Eric Parkison, Laurie Posner, Laura Post, Kelvin Reese, Kristin Robertson, Jason Ranon Uri Rotstein, Eduardo Ramos Ruiz, Jon Sayers, Mary Paynter Sherwin, Jen Siraganian, Patrick Smith, Hope Maxwell Snyder, Karen Terrey, Ann Tweedy, Elizbeth Weaver, Paige Webb, Bruce Williams, Mary Winegarden, and C.D. Wright

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The Squaw Valley Review
Poetry Anthology 2011

2011 Review Cover$16.00

The 2011 Anthology includes poems by staff poet Brenda Hillman and interviews with Sharon Olds and Cathy Park Hong.

Edited by Brent Calderwood, Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Leah Kaminski, Terry Lowe, Nicole Sealey, and Erica Zora Wrightson

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The Squaw Valley Review
Poetry Anthology 2010


The 2010 Anthology includes poems by Kazim Ali, Maureen Alsop, Heather Altfeld, Judy Bebelaar, Claire Blotter, Ewa Chrusciel, Richard Brown, Allison DeLauer, Iris Jamahl Dunkle, Katherine Factor, Cody Gates, Hillary Gravendyk, Brenda Hillman, Lita Hooper, L. A. Jones, Leah Kaminski, Devorah Major, Jami McCarty, Sara Michas-Martin, Sarah Pape, Emily Pérez, Zara Raab, Marilyn Ringer, Evie Shockley, Kevin Simmonds, Patrick Smith, David Spataro, C.R. Steen, Jeanine Stevens, Barbara Buckman Strasko, Elizabeth Sullivan, Betsy Thorne, Jie Tian,  James Toupin, Alison Turner, Mitchell Untch, Antoinette Nena Villamil, Valerie Wallace, Arisa White, Sharon Dennis Wyeth, Joe Zaccardi

Edited by Maureen Aslop, Lita Hooper, Jeanine Stevens,and Jie Tian

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The Squaw Valley Review
Poetry Anthology 2009

2009 cover$10.00

The 2009 Anthology includes poems by Amy Antongiovanni, Kevin Arnold, Samiya Bashir, Jacqueline Bentley, Tara Betts, Toby Bielawski,  John Briscoe, Mary Kovaleski Byrnes, Laurie Capps, Deborah Casillas, Elizabeth Biller Chapman, Catharine Clark-Sayles, Brian Cochran,  Kristina Marie Darling, Charles Douthat, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Deborah S. Friedman, Marilyn Friedman, Kirk Glaser, Veronica Golos, Nicholas A. Gulig, Judy Halebsky, James Halligan, Donna Henderson, Alicia Hokanson, Eric Howard, Dorothy Knight, Ted Lardner, Laurie Suzanne Lessen-Reiche, Margaret Mackinnon, Jack Martin, Sarah Murphy, Meryl Natchez, Jeremy Nobel, MD, Kathleen R. O’Toole, Melinda Palacio, Maya Pindyck, Francesca Preston, Khadijah Queen, Henry Rappaport, Steve Rempe, Evie Shockley, William Stobb, Samantha Thornhill, Jie Tian, Jeanne Wagner, Natasha Wang, Paul Watsky, Cynthia Wuthmann, Elizabeth Wyatt

Edited by John Briscoe, Laurie Capps, James Halligan, Alicia Hokanson, Eric Howard, Melinda Palacio, William Stobb, and Jeanne Wagner

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The Squaw Valley Review
Poetry 2008

2008 cover$10.00 (Sold Out)

The 2009 Anthology includes poems by Lauren K. Alleyne, Heather Altfeld, Joe Atkins, Joan Baranow, Judy Bebelaar, Laura June Bernstein, Judy Brackett, Beverley Bie Brahic, Richard Brown, Deborah Buchanan, Ashley Butler, Alex Chambers, Ewa Chrusciel, Scott Conley, Deborah Dallinger, Joshua Davis, Whitney DeVos, Suzanne Edison, Gina Forberg, Catherine Freeling, Richard Gabriel, Leah Naomi Green, Jim Gunshinan, Rebecca Guyon, Ken Haas, Marguerite L. Harrold, Liberty Heise, George Higgins, James Houlihan, Nicelle C. Hughes, Lisa Anne Jones, Lawrence Kaplun, Andrew Kaufman, Ann Keniston, Devi Sen Laskar, Laurie Lessen-Reiche, Jennifer Liou, Kim Lohse, Matt Mauch, Theresa McCourt, Nancy Mohr, Laura Wine Paster, Charlotte Pence, Michelle Raust, Claudia M. Reder, Justin Rigamonti, Deborah Dashow Ruth, Larry Ruth, David Scronce, Lauren Shapiro, Richard Sims, Patrick Smith, Wendy Trevino, Zach Vesper, Jonathan Watson, Dean Young

Edited by Liberty Heise, Lisa Anne Jones, and Lawrence Kaplun

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Writers Workshop in a Book

Writers workshop in a book$14.95

Since 1969, the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley has helped develop the art and craft of many who are now household names. Instructors such as Michael Chabon, Mark Childress, Diane Johnson, Anne Lamott, Robert Stone, and Amy Tan have distilled their advice and wisdom from seminars and lectures, and the result is a book that captures the workshop experience of complete submersion in the writing process. With an introduction by novelist and short story master Richard Ford, himself a conference attendee in the 1970s, this volume gives the writer and dedicated reader a jolt of inspiration, sharp insight into matters of technique, and a feeling of camaraderie with a writing community.

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Staff Books & Projects

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