Writer/Director Christopher Monger to Lead Special Adaption Class

Adaptation: A special afternoon class, taught by Christopher Monger


We are delighted and honored to announce that Writer/Director Christopher Monger will teach a special class on film and television adaptation during the Writers Workshops this July.

Christopher Monger is a writer/director in film and television who has directed eight feature films and written over thirty screenplays. He was born in Wales but has lived in Los Angeles since the mid 80’s. He is best known for his film The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down a Mountain and his screenplay for the Emmy Award-winning HBO film, Temple Grandin, which was also nominated for an Academy Award. For writing and directing, his many awards include, the Christopher Award for the film Seeing Red and the Hollywood Film Festival Award for the Girl From Rio. Currently, he is writing a miniseries for HBO and a feature film for Amazon Films.

This Adaption Class will be made up of five 90-minute afternoon sessions, and will be a practical approach to adapting a novel into a screenplay or miniseries. There will be an overview of the fundamentals of screenwriting as well as an analysis of the specific skills for a successful adaptation. We will explore the crucial differences between the mediums, their respective strengths and weaknesses, and examine a handful of adaptations, comparing and contrasting the films with the original material. Addition enrollment fee: $250.

This class is only open to those enrolled in the Writers Workshops July 9 – 15, 2017.