It’s Pub Day! Our 50th Anniversary Anthology is Available Now!

More than two years ago we set out to create an anthology to celebrate the story of our fifty-year-old summer writing workshop. It has been more work than we could ever have imagined, and an utter joy, but we did it. With help, advice, encouragement, and support from dozens of people and organizations, we can now announce that finally, today is PUBLICATION DAY for Why to These Rocks: Fifty Years of Poems from the Community of Writers from Heyday Books.

As editor Lisa Alvarez writes in her introduction: Why to These Rocks tells part of the story of the Community of Writers through work produced in the valley by both staff and participant poets, using three self-explanatory lenses: Over the Mountains: Poems About Place; Scrupulous Mercy: Poems about the Process; and After Surfacing: Poems Produced by the Process in the Place. Reading them will begin to answer the question posed by Kinnell in his poem “The Old Moon” and paraphrased here: Why to these rocks do we return?”

It speaks to our special community nurtured in this stunning setting, one that has inspired poets worldwide — many of whom developed significant bodies of award-winning work in its creative and generative atmosphere.Contributors include both workshop staff and participants, among them Kazim Ali, Don Mee ChoiLucille CliftonToi DerricotteRita DoveCornelius EadyJuan Felipe HerreraBrenda HillmanCathy Park HongForrest GanderMajor JacksonYusef KomunyakaaHarryette MullenSharon OldsGreg PardloEvie ShockleyAl YoungKevin YoungMatthew Zapruder, a never-before-published poem by founder and former long-time director, Galway Kinnell, and many more. 

We think the book is really handsome with a hard cover, and a lovely woodcut image courtesy of the artist Tom Killion.

Join us as we celebrate our five decades of Poetry.

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