Community of Writers’ Screenwriting Program Director Diana Fuller Launches New Documentary Project

Diana Fuller is producing the film, Where Once Was Water, directed by Christopher Beaver.

Where Once Was Water is a lively solutions-oriented documentary that tells the story of how the driest city in America, in the middle of the Mojave desert, leads the way in sustainable water conservation.  

Las Vegas, Nevada, better known for its bright lights and extravagance is certainly the most unlikely city to lead the nation in this effort. The development of the innovative techniques that enabled this constantly expanding city to emerge today, as a leader in water conservation, is primarily due to the efforts of Patricia Mulroy, known to some as the Water Tsar of Las Vegas.

Join in this exploration of a vital frontier of water sustainability, by supporting this film.  The efforts of Las Vegas, in its search for sustainability, have produced important solutions, technological, political, and financial that have on-going global importance.

Here is a link to the trailer.