Film Adaptation Seminar

Film Adaptation Seminar for Writers
August 17-21, 2020

Open to all!  $350 – Register by August 10

Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – Noon (Pacific)

Led by screenwriter Laura Harrington, this film adaptation workshop will consist of five three-hour online seminars. The focus will be on story structure, character development, scene creation, and uses of dialogue; the crucial elements of screenwriting, which will help lay the groundwork for your future book, screenplay, or series adaptation.

Even if you don’t plan on adapting your novel into a dramatic work, learning the skills vital to a screenwriter—writing visually vivid and emotional scenes; creating structure that invisibly marries plot to character development; revealing character through action; advancing connected themes; creating organic twists; creating a sense of urgency; creating a sensory, memorable world with the kinds tensions that reveal character — are useful skills for every writer

No application necessary. Simply register. Please include a one-page synopsis of your story, novel, memoir or nonfiction manuscript.
Deadline to Register: August 8
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