The Continuum: Gifts To Our Scholarship Fund Sustain Poetry & Prose

One of our principle goals, always, is to keep the Summer Workshops affordable for our participants.

In the early days, our workshops shared the Valley with few other visitors, (cheerleaders! wrestlers! endurance runners!) but as the ski resort has prospered, the Valley has become an attractive year-round destination and the local costs of participant and teaching staff accommodations and food for the workshop week have risen dramatically.

With rising costs, financial aid has become essential for many of our participants. Offering scholarships and waivers ensures that talented writers from all backgrounds and means are able to attend, and that new and diverse writers continue to benefit from this opportunity.

The Continuum: Many of you reading this now were once recipients of some kind of financial aid. Some of you may still be strapped financially; nevertheless we hope you can send something. You may no longer be a student, or may have a better job, or you may have even seen your book published. Did your time at in the Valley help your writing life?  If it did, I hope you will consider sending us a larger donation to help another talented writer have that experience.

The application manuscripts have arrived for the 2017 Summer Workshops. We are delighted and astonished with the work, and we are all looking forward to another productive summer with these writers and poets. In the next few weeks, we will be making admissions decisions. Those decisions include grants of financial aid for our most talented and needy writers.

Visit our Financial Aid & Scholarships page for more information on how you can donate to our scholarship fund, or to a specific scholarship. Donations to the Community of Writers are 100% tax-deductible.

Please give Today. All gifts received on or before May 1 will go directly to our 2017 Scholarship Fund. If you would like to help, but cannot donate before May 1, please email us and pledge the amount you would like to give.

If you are interested in creating an honorary scholarship, email

Or you can donate online today or send a check to:

Community of Writers – Scholarship Fund
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