2014 Podcasts – From the Archive

July 8: 

Tan_Amy_Portrait_BWAmy Tan – “Why I am a Writer”

From our 2014 writer’s workshop, Amy Tan relates her early experiences as a participant at Squaw, and the path to finding her identity as a writer.


Scene Panel 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. Mark Childress, Glen David Gold and Ellen Sussman offer their perspectives on scene. Moderated by Andrew Tonkovich.


Plot Panel 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. Louis B. Jones moderates as Michael Jaime-Becerra, Janet Fitch, Christina Meldrum, and Christian Kiefer discuss plot.


Gill Dennis–Opening Talk 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. The late Gill Dennis delivers an opening talk in which he offers advice on writing, humility and community.

July 9:

Short Story Panel 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. Tom Barbash, Louis B. Jones, and Robin Romm offer their perspectives on the craft of the Short Story.


July 12:

Character Panel 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. Sands Hall moderates as Josh Weil, Rhoda Huffey, Edan Lapucki, and Hector Tobar weigh in on one of the fundamentals of craft.


Point of View Panel 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. Gill Dennis, Sands Hall, and Ismet Prcic discuss Point of View. Moderated by Joanne Meschery.


Ron Carlson–“Step Two: Source to Story” 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. From our 2014 writer’s workshop. Ron Carlson talks about writers surviving the story, from beginning to end–pace, plot and planning.


Short Story Collections Panel 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. The broader implications of compiling short fiction: Michael Jaime-Becerra moderates as Steve Almond, Michelle Latiolais, Robin Romm and Ben George weigh in on “the literary mixtape.”

July 13:

Fiction vs. Nonfiction Panel 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. Steve Almond, Michelle Latiolais, Hector Tobar, and Al Young take on narrative strategies in fiction and nonfiction, investigating where they diverge and where they intersect. Moderated by Jason Roberts.


Robin Romm: Neurotic Narrators

From our 2014 writer’s workshop: Robin Romm discusses the possibilities and complexities of writing through a neurotic voice.


Writing Beyond the Conference Panel 2014

From our 2014 writer’s workshop. Lisa Alvarez moderates as published alums Julia Flynn Siler and Ismet Prcic offer advice for sustaining writing practices and fostering writing community in daily life.