2021 Dialogue for Fiction Writers: A Weekend Intensive

December 3  – 5, 2021

The ultimate test of fiction writing is the dialogue scene.  It’s where we have to ride a unicycle around a ring while  spinning a dozen plates in the air. Good dialogue incorporates every other aspect of fiction writing plus—people speak.  When you ask editors and agents ‘What aspect of writing tends to be most problematic in the fiction you see?” the answer, across the board, is “dialogue.” Why, when we’ve heard people talk all our lives?  Because dialogue in life is very different from dialogue on the page.  Dialogue on the page is art. And more than any other facet of fiction writing, it’s dialogue that separates the intermediate writer from the pro.

In this three-day writing intensive, we’ll explore the essentials of the dialogue scene including internal thoughts, character observation, spin, conflict, gesture, landscape, the Million Dollar Line and the multi-character dialogue scene. The format combines lecture and generative exercises, in-class discussion and experiential assignments.

 Five, two-hour virtual sessions, with writing exercises in between.  Give your writing an early Christmas gift! Tuition is $350.

This event will be held entirely on Zoom.

These sessions will be recorded, and will be available for missed sessions/time-zone conflicts up to two weeks following the intensive. For registered participants only.

Five two-hour sessions:
Friday: 6:00-8:00 pm (Pacific).
Saturday and Sunday: Twice daily: 10:00- 12:00 noon & again 6:00-8:00 pm (Pacific).

Note: Plan to do assignments outside of class hours.

  • Regular Tuition: $350. Register by Thursday, December 2 at 5 PM Pacific  (PT) to be included.

This program is open to alums of the Community of Writers as well as members of the public.  Join Us! No application necessary.

Recordings of each day’s sessions will be available for registered participants  for 14 days.

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