Lisa Alvarez

Lisa Alvarez’s poetry and prose have appeared in Air/Light, Huizache, [Pank], the Los Angeles Times, Santa Monica Review and elsewhere. Her work has been included anthologies such as Sudden Fiction Latino: Short-Short Stories from the United States and Latin America (W.W. Norton) and adapted for the stage by L.A.’s New Short Fiction Series and Breath of Fire’s COVID Monologues. She has edited three anthologies, including Orange County: A Literary Field Guide and most recently, Why to These Rocks: Fifty Years of Poetry from the Community of Writers, both published by Heyday Books. Through the decades, she has practiced a politically engaged public and performance art activism which ranges from guerrilla installations and performances to poster art and was most recently a contributor to the La Maestra exhibit at Crear Studio. She is a professor of English and Irvine Valley College and in the summers co-directs the Writers Workshops at the Community of Writers.

Photo credit: Brett Hall Jones

Photo Credit: Lipman, Suz

Meryl Natchez

Meryl Natchez’s fourth book, Catwalk, from Longship Press, recently received a Kirkus Reviews Indie Best Book 2020 award.  She is co-translator of Tadeusz Borowski: Selected PoemsHer work has appeared in LA Review of Books, Hudson Review, Poetry Northwest, Literary Matters, Poetry Northwest, The American Journal of Poetry, ZYZZYVA, The Pinch Literary Review, Atlanta Review, Lyric, The Moth, Comstock Review, and many others. Natchez founded and managed a technical writing business, TechProse, now run by the employees as FutureState. She cofounded the non-profit, Opportunity Junction, now in its 16th year. She is on the board of Marin Poetry Center and blogs at is on the board of the Marin Poetry Center. She attended the Community of Writers Poetry Workshop in 1988, 2000, 2005, 2009, and most recently in 2013.