The DREAMer Scholarship

The Community of Writers DREAMer Scholarship To attend the 2022 Writers Workshops of the Community of Writers.

Funded by donations from alumni, staff, and friends of the Community of Writers, this scholarship is established to provide undocumented participants an opportunity to attend the summer workshop.

Eligibility: For new participants only, and those who would not be able to attend without financial assistance.

Amount of Scholarships: $1550.

Upon acceptance, recipient will still be required to send in the $100 nonrefundable deposit by the deadline on the acceptance form. Applicants who apply for this scholarship will automatically be considered for all appropriate scholarships and financial aid, if admitted.

To Apply: Along with your Financial Aid application, prepare a paragraph titled: “Application for consideration for The 2022 Community of Writers DREAMer Scholarship.” In this paragraph, please introduce yourself and tell us what you hope to get out of your week in the program and why you would be a good candidate for the scholarship.

Indicate your wish to apply for this scholarship in the “Special Scholarship” portion of the online application form, and paste the paragraph in the appropriate place on the online application form. For more information contact Brett Hall Jones, Executive Director.

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