Christine Pride

Christine Pride is a writer, editor and 15-year publishing veteran. She has held posts at various Big Five imprints, including Doubleday, Broadway, Crown, Hyperion, and, most recently, as a Senior Editor at Simon and Schuster. She also had a wonderful stint as a freelance editor and ghostwriter. In October 2018, Christine sold two novels, written with Jo Piazza, to Harper Collins/Morrow.  She stepped away from a full-time role at S&S in order to focus on those projects, though she still serves as an editor at large. The first book, We Are Not Like Them, will be published in Spring 2020.  As an editor, Christine has published a range of books, with a special emphasis on inspirational stories and memoirs, including Heaven is Here, A Reason to Believe, No One Tells You This, and Dear World. Christine attended the University of Missouri’s broadcast journalism program and worked in non-profit management before embarking on a career in book publishing.

Photo Credit: Brie Mulligan