50th Anniversary

Throughout 2020 the Community of Writers will celebrate our fifty year anniversary— a legacy we’re incredibly proud of. We’ll be hosting a series of events, parties, fundraisers and of course our annual summer workshops where you can expect special guests and events as we commemorate this milestone achievement. We’ll spend the year reflecting on the friends, memories, workshops and publications which have brought us to this moment as we look forward to the next fifty years.

50th Anniversary Events (coming soon)

50th Anniversary Poetry Anthology (coming soon)

The OGQ: The Omnium Gatherum Quarterly (coming soon)


Coming soon:

  • August

    August 1969 - The Founding

    The Community of Writers was established in 1969 by novelists Blair Fuller and Oakley Hall, who were both residents of the valley. It was originally staffed by a band of San Francisco writers including David Perlman, Walter Ballenger, Barnaby Conrad and John Leggett, the latter two of whom went on to found, respectively, the Santa […]

August 1969