The Letras Latinas Poetry Scholarships

The 2021 Letras Latinas Poetry Scholarships to attend the Community of Writers.

Established in 2018, the Letras Latinas Scholarship will be awarded to a Latinx poet (or poets) who would not otherwise be able to attend the Poetry Workshop.

This scholarship was named for and was established with the support of Letras Latinas, the literary initiative at the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies, which strives to enhance the visibility, appreciation and study of Latinx literature.

Each scholarship will include: $900 Tuition to attend Poetry Program.

Applicants will need to apply to the workshop by the deadline and pay the $35 application fee.

Fellows offered scholarships will need to submit a $100 deposit (which will be refunded on arrival.) This is a scholarship for poets who have not previously attended the Poetry Workshop. Indicate your wish to apply for this scholarship in the “Notes” portion of the application.

For more information contact Brett Hall Jones, Executive Director.

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