Poetry Scholarship and Financial Aid

Financial Aid

SignA limited amount of financial aid is available each year for the Poetry Workshop. Much of the financial aid is granted in the form of tuition waivers and scholarships, which are funded by donations from our past participants, staff and friends. Any scholarship funds awarded generally reduce the cost of tuition for the attendee. All financial aid, including scholarships, is granted on the basis of merit+need. See below for more information on specific scholarships available. Most financial aid awards are in the form of partial tuition waivers.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Requests for financial aid must be made during online application process. On the financial aid section, please indicate the minimum amount of financial aid you would need in order to attend, and whether you can attend without it. Financial aid decisions are made after admission decisions. If an applicant is accepted, but we don’t have enough aid available, we will still issue an invitation in the hope that other means of support may be found by the applicant. Likewise, if an applicant has requested a certain amount of aid, but we can’t provide the full amount, we will grant what we can.


Each applicant for financial aid will be considered for all our tuition waivers and general scholarships. However, a few scholarships are designated for talented writers and poets from specific populations.

To apply for financial aid, you do not have to apply for a specific scholarship. Simply indicate your need on the Poetry Workshop application form.

Scholarships for the Poetry Workshop for Specific Populations

Note: Please review the list of scholarships below to see if any of these scholarships apply to you. If you feel you qualify for one or more of these, please indicate that on your Financial Aid form, which is part of the online application. If you are not awarded that particular scholarship, you will still be considered for general financial aid and other scholarships. 

The Cave Canem Scholarships
The Cave Canem Scholarships are funded by donations from friends, alumni, and staff. These scholarships assist Cave Canem Fellows who need financial aid to attend the Poetry Workshop. Please refer to scholarship requirements: 2019 The Cave Canem Scholarship.    Donate

The Letras Latinas Scholarship
Established in 2018, the Letras Latinas Scholarship will be awarded to a Latinx poet (or poets) who would not otherwise be able to attend the Poetry Workshop in Squaw Valley. This scholarship was named for and was established with the support of Letras Latinas, the literary initiative at the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies, which strives to enhance the visibility, appreciation and study of Latinx literature. 2019 Letras Latinas Scholarship.  Donate

Lucille Clifton Scholarship
The Lucille Clifton Scholarships will provide funding for one or more poets of color who need financial aid to attend the Poetry Workshop. Please indicate your interest in this scholarship on your application form. Please refer to scholarship requirements: 2019 Lucille Clifton Memorial Scholarship.   Donate

Alexander Cushing Memorial Scholarship for Locals
This scholarship has been established to help creative writers living within a 50-mile radius of Squaw Valley to attend the Community of Writers Poetry Workshop. After residency, qualification for the scholarship is based on financial need and the quality of work submitted. Please refer to scholarship requirements: 2019 Alexander Cushing Memorial Scholarship for Locals.  Donate

The Hillary Gravendyk Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship honors the memory of Hillary Gravendyk, a gifted poet, scholar, and teacher, who attended the Community of Writers in 2010. The scholarship is reserved for a first-time poet at the Community of Writers; the recipient will be chosen by Robert Hass and Meg Gravendyk. Learn more about Hilary and giving to this scholarship here. Please refer to scholarship requirements: 2019 Hillary Gravendyk Memorial Scholarship.  Donate

The Maat Scholarships
Funded by donations from alumni, staff, and friends of the Community of Writers, this scholarship will be awarded to writers of color. To apply, simply request it in the “Special Scholarships” field in the application form. 2019 Maat Scholarships.  Donate

The Veteran’s Poetry Scholarship
This scholarship is reserved for a poet who has not attended previously, who has served in the armed forces, and who would not be able to attend without financial assistance. Please refer to scholarship requirements: 2019 Veteran’s Poetry Scholarship.  Donate

* * *

Of course, additional Poetry Workshop merit+need-based scholarships are available. These aren’t specifically designated for poets from specific populations and are granted at the discretion of our directors. There is no need to apply for these scholarships beyond requesting financial aid in your application.

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